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5 Incredible Benefits of Couple Massages

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If you have never taken a trip to couples massage places, you could be missing out on one of the most memorable spa experiences in your life. Sharing the relaxing moment with a loved one provides an excellent platform to bond on a much deeper level.

The American Massage Therapy Association says that 88% of survey participants believe that massage effectively reduces pain. A couple’s massage is just like any other spa massage service, guaranteeing the same benefits an individual session. At couples massage places, however, you get to enjoy the memorable experience at the same time with your significant other.

Here are five reasons why you should book reservations at a couple’s massage places.

1. Bonding Experience

Studies show that maintaining novelty in your relationship can help you bond better as a couple. Massage allows you to embrace the present, fully engaging in the activity. Sharing the spa experience can feel twice as good with your partner present. Enjoying something novel and refreshing can tighten your bonds, leading to a more intimate relationship.

2. Try Out Something New

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and you may wish to diverge a little from the traditional romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. Couples massage places provide a fantastic alternative to spice up your night outs. Getting foot massages at a Knoxville spa can help you share new experiences as a couple. You can spruce up your love life by finding new, exciting activities that you can enjoy doing together.

3. Lower Stress and Anxiety

One of the most challenging aspects of a relationship is keeping stress and anxiety out of it. Getting a body and foot massage can help you release hormones that encourage relaxation and ease tension. Enjoying the experience with your significant other can help you have meaningful conversations without anxiety hindering them. You can have relaxation benefits similar to a vacation without ever leaving town.

4. Increased Intimacy

A reservation at the day spa can help rekindle your flame. A couples massage releases a host of feel-good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. The hormones increase the feeling of affection, well-being, and relaxation. They also create a perfect environment for stress-free communication. If you enjoy the experience at couple massage places like many couples do, you may even share a dinner date later on.

5. Reconnect

During the week, it can be challenging to find time to spend with your significant other. Adult responsibilities such as work, family duties, and bills can become great distractions that get in your way. Couples massage places can provide a perfect gateway from your busy lifestyle, allowing you to spend more time with your partner. You can relax over the one-to-two-hour period, forgetting all the baggage that may be wearing you down for a few hours.

A couples massage is an excellent way to spend some time with your significant other. Are you looking for couples massage places in Knoxville, TN or Asheville, NC? Wake Foot Sanctuary Spa can provide signature couple massages for you and your loved one, allowing you to put a little love back to the relationship. Contact our therapists today and book an appointment.

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