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Wake Staff’s Favorite Asheville Activities In Spring

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Wake Staff’s Top Asheville Activities in Spring


If you have been a guest at Wake or frequent our spa on a regular basis, you know it’s easy to stay toasty warm in the winter months in our sanctuary. Between neck wraps, hot tea, and a soothing warm soak, it’s easy to settle in for the long winter. But once the warmer weather hits outside, our staff cannot wait to revive their spirits and get back to nature to celebrate the long-awaited spring. It’s such a rich time for renewal and rejuvenation! So we asked our beloved staff to share what ways they love to soak up all the beauty and high vibes that the spring months have to offer in the mountains. Here is what they had to say!


Brittany, one of our beloved massage therapists says: “I absolutely love just being in the woods and by the river especially when spring hits and everything starts blooming it looks like something you would expect in a fairy tale. Almost every corner that you turn on Western North Carolina trails holds some new magic for you to enjoy, from a wide range of beautiful fungi to hidden little creatures that finally come out to bask in the sunshine. Another thing I look forward to in the spring is growing vegetables! Especially cucumbers! Thanks for the opportunity to share!”


Heather, our Sanctuary Teams Manager says: “My absolute favorite thing to do in spring is to add to my garden!! The Asheville Herb Festival at the WNC Farmers Market is an event I never miss. Many local farmers sell plant starts including herbs and vegetables along with mature shrubs and trees. My kids love to pick out their own plants and care for them throughout the season. Nothing is more nurturing to me than ‘playing in the dirt’!”


Jen our Team Experience Lead says, “Ever since I moved to Asheville, I have fallen in love with how this area has all four seasons. There are things I love about all the seasons but my favorites are spring and summer.  So as soon as I feel a hint of spring and the warmer weather approaching, I love to get back hiking. Craggy Gardens is one of my favorite places to go to take in the new mountain flowers peeking through the dirt and the tree buds blossoming with pink, white and red flowers. I love how the trail has canopies of rhododendron and when the flower petals drop, it creates a pink blanket on the ground. At the summit, you can sit in the grassy area and have a picnic and take in the 360-degree views of the mountains. It truly is a magical place to be in the spring.”


We hope we have inspired you to get out and celebrate this long-awaited spring! It is such an amazing time to watch life return to the mountains. What ways do you like to enjoy springtime in Western North Carolina? We would love to hear from you!

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