Top 5 Funny Spa Questions Asked By Our Guests

Top 5 Funny Spa Questions Asked By Our Guests

Funny spa questions

Having seen guests in the Sanctuary at Wake for just over a year, we have found that there are some recurring funny questions being asked of our massage therapists on a regular basis.  Let it be noted that these are real questions that have been asked on more than one occasion by various unrelated guests.  Sit back and enjoy!

1.  Do all of the massage therapists at Wake have foot fetishes?

I can see how this might be a valid question considering how many feet we have seen in just over a year.  Let’s just say this, last week, alone we saw 188 feet!  To the lay person, this might constitute a foot fetish.  However, rest assured, we are licensed, professional, and take our jobs quite seriously.  Your feet are our business.  We treat them with the utmost care.  No foot fetishes here.

2.  Will you marry me?  Can I take you home?

These questions have been asked to all of our massage therapists at one time or another.  It should be told as well that it doesn’t matter if the gentleman’s wife is sitting next to him, or if the woman is wearing a wedding ring.  There is also no gender discrimination or preference in the asking of these questions.  The answer to both of these questions (unfortunately for you the guest) is “no”.

3.  Should I have shaved my legs before I came to soak?

Wake’s foot Sanctuary is a judgement-free zone.  If the men don’t have to shave their legs to soak then neither do the women!  Come as you are and relax.  We don’t mind a little or a lot of hair on anyone’s legs.

4.  What if I fall asleep?

If you happen to fall asleep then YAY, we have done our job and you are relaxed!  I would say that around 85% of our guests fall asleep at some point in their service.  We have had snorers, twitchers, moaners, and droolers.  It is all ok!  Again, our Sanctuary is a judgement-free zone.  If you happen to fall asleep, it only puts a smile on our face because we have helped you to get comfortable and relax.

5.  What happens if I can’t get up?  Do you have a wheelchair service to take me to my car?

We completely understand not wanting to put your feet on the ground after a warm and soothing soak and massage, let alone put shoes on and have to walk to your car!  Unfortunately, we do not offer any wheel chair, scooter, or piggy back services.  However, there are two wonderful wine bars in the Grove Arcade, just a few strides from our door, where you can sit and relax a bit more with a glass of wine.  This might be a good transition and easing into that walk to your car.

Are you intrigued by how or why someone might ask these questions?  Stop by for a soak and massage.  Experience what it is that we do to warrant such inquiry.

What questions do you have for us?

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