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Meet the Maker: With Love & Snow

1. What inspired you to start your company?

Our hero product, the Restorative Hair and Scalp Serum, was originally created for my own personal use. A “stylist” over promised their skill set and I had lost roughly 60% of my hair, and for nearly a decade I struggled with large patches that would not regrow. Coupled with a life long journey with dandruff and excessive shedding I couldn’t get a grip on, I decided to use my formulation education and experience with my science background to make my own solution. Like so many, I had dumped hundreds of dollars into products that left me upset, frustrated, and really sad.

The decision to create a business out of Love & Snow was to provide solutions and answers that I knew would help others who had experienced similar struggles and disappointments. The Love & Snow mission is to give individuals tools so they can feel more confident and empowered in effectively addressing their hair/scalp/growth issues.

2. What do you find yourself reaching for your hair serum and tonic for?

I truly use Love & Snow for everything! Ha, Ha. I use the serum as a daily moisturizer to keep my curls soft and hydrated; at night as an overnight treatment so my scalp and hair stay happy after the craziness of the day (this keeps me from feeling so reliant on styling products to keep my curls looking fresh); my facial moisturizer (including neck and chest) is also the serum; and if I happen to run out of body moisturizer – the serum is my go-to!

I use the tonic as my curl refresher in the morning and to cleanse my scalp at night between wash days (I wash my hair once a week); and as a facial toner (again, face, neck, and chest). Then I get a little extra with it and have used the tonic as a pillow spray, as an anti-bacterial spray when I’m on the go for my hands, and have even diffused in an ionizer as a major stress reliever (in full transparency, I have it in my ionizer now!)

3. What is important for people to know about your brand?

Love & Snow really cares. We care about what someone is going through when it comes to hair and/or scalp issues because we know it’s not always about vanity; sometimes it’s scary and things feel out of control. We care about people having information that allows them to make product purchases that honor them the way they deserve. Love & Snow strives to help people understand how hair, skin, and scalp work; that way when you know what’s happening and have a better idea of what solutions should look like.

We care about the health of people which is why I work hard to formulate products that give real results using 100% certified organic ingredients.

We care about the earth, looking at how to weave sustainability efforts into our nimble indie brand. Love & Snow is a small multi-functional product line on purpose. Products are thoughtfully designed to do many things to save money and reduce waste. To date we have partnered with zero / low waste retailers and eco-friendly salons to offer refill options to reduce waste. We ship using 100% post-industrial/post-consumer materials. We carry 100% organic bamboo silk pillowcases that require a fraction of the water needed to produce the standard cotton counterpart.

4. What is something about you that people might not know?

You can’t put me in a box (kind of like Love & Snow). I am incredibly nerdy; I enjoy and seek out scientific white papers on various research topics (a habit I formed while getting my Masters in Public Health). You can also find me on the dance floor; if the music is playing, I’m dancing till the lights come on. My musical taste ranges from Swedish rock, to Hip Hop, to Latin Jazz, to Soul – if it sounds good I’m into it. I am a huge nature fan. I’ve hiked an extinct volcano, swam with sharks (they were free roaming and Vegetarian…we watched them eat watermelon), and have explored intricate Indigenous cave systems. I believe we are all so many things and we all deserve to live in all parts of ourselves.

5. What do you do to stay balanced while running your Love & Snow?

Being a Business Owner is hard and very consuming, there is no way to sugar coat that. I am not always balanced but I do have non-negotiables. 1 – 2 x a month I go to an Acupuncturist, I’ve been doing this for 7 years and have no plans to stop. It has actually saved my life. There would be no Love & Snow without Acupuncture. Music as I work always keeps spirits lifted, and I regularly attend a local Sound Bath with a Sound Healer who is AMAZING.

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