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More Love: how to cultivate it, how to give it, how to relish in it.

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An Invitation for Love


February is the month of love! Here at Wake Foot Sanctuary, we are full of love to give to our guests from the minute they walk through our doors to the moment they step out. And every minute in between we shower our guests with pampering attention. Our guests leave feeling loved and like they are walking on a cloud. So how do you keep that euphoric feeling outside of Wake’s doors? How can you invite more love into your life? February is the perfect month to begin to call in more love into your life. Here are some tips that you can start incorporating into your life so you can start experiencing more love now.


How To Cultivate More Love


  • Practice giving more love. If you want to call more love into your life, then BE that love. Develop a compassion practice and start to look for things you love everywhere you go. Once you start feeling and giving love on a regular basis, they say you will automatically attract more of it to you. We often get so caught up in social media, the news, and negative people that we forget to focus on what brings us joy. What you focus on grows.


  • Schedule a date with your gifts and talents. We all have those things that we have been wanting to do for what seems like forever and somehow they get pushed to the back burner. Your talents and gifts are meant to be expressed. When you make doing those things a priority in your life you are cultivating love! The love for your craft creates joy every day.


  • Clear out the clutter. If you want to call more of something into your life, it’s a good idea to let go of the old and outdated first. Make it a point to clear out anything that is no longer serving you in your personal space and emotional space. Routinely go through stuff that you no longer need and donate those items. Also, take an inventory of emotional clutter that you may be carrying around. Holding on to resentment, anger, or guilt doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for love to flow. Once you declutter, then you are free to experience the love that is always inside of us and around us.


  • Schedule a date with yourself. Cultivating a loving relationship with yourself is a self-honoring way of showing you and everyone else that you are worthy. So, make it a priority to schedule some yummy alone time where you do what makes you happy. Turn off the phone and just relish in some happiness while you read your favorite book, take a yoga class, paint, or receive a massage. Treat yourself like royalty.


The world needs so much love right now and the one thing we can do is focus on ourselves and how we can shine our own light. When we open ourselves up to love and let our lights shine, it allows us to fully express who we are and in turn inspires others to do the same. We hope that the service we provide to our guests and the love that we share in the work that we do inspires others to go out into the world and pay it forward.


What will you do to invite more love into your life?


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