Portrait of a Foot Soaker: #Girlboss Kara Candler

Portrait of a Foot Soaker: #Girlboss Edition with Kara Candler of Tick Tock Concierge

We’re excited to introduce this new part of our ongoing Portrait of a Foot Soaker series focusing on business owners and their unique look at self care and wellness.

When we think of the hustle, the true meaning of a #girlboss usually the first person to jump to mind is Kara Candler of Tick Tock Concierge. Another thing we love about Kara is she doesn’t mind getting real. We asked about her attempts at balance between self-care and business and what her favorite guilty pleasures are. Take a peek into Kara’s world–you’ll be better for it!

Tell us a bit about your business.

I started Tick Tock Concierge in 2013. I was working a corporate job and moon lighted for a few years before taking the leap to work for myself. I love that Tick Tock gives time back and helps people live the life they want. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use as little as 2 hours to 10 hours back to themselves every week. Currently, we work with individuals, businesses, and tourists in Asheville and Charleston.


What inspired you to create your business?

A couple of things… I desired to work for myself again and saw a need for offering time to our increasingly busy society.


As a business owner, we know daily responsibilities can leave you with little time for yourself. How do you navigate those challenges to fit in some “you-time”?

The challenge is figuring out what the balance looks like. I’m in a major growth phase, so I don’t have a “set time” for myself but if I have a random Wednesday afternoon or Sunday that is slower I’ll try and take that time. I find myself wondering if I will ever truly have a balance as a business owner. I’m automating the business more and finally created business hours so hopefully, that will help moving forward.


What things do you do to try and maintain a work/life balance?

Creating time for a drink with friends, walking the dog, working out, having no phone conversations with Alec and getting out of town every other month.


Do you have any favorite activities to help relieve stress?

Working out has always been a stress reliever for me. Shooting sporting clays and skeet help me work frustrations out and I really love going to get a massage or soak at Wake. Having a calm, set environment that promotes relaxation is key for me. I’m so amped up it takes a lot to de-stress.


Who in your circle do you go to when you have a bad day?

I have a pretty small group of people I really trust. Alec is always there for me, my family and best friends, Maura and Liz.


What is your guilty pleasure for me-time?

A fabulous bottle of red wine and bad reality TV like Southern Charmed. It allows my brain to not think.


Are there any spots around town that you find yourself drawn to when you need a mental break?

The Parkway. Even in high school if I needed to get away and just think, I would hop in the car, turn the music up, windows down, and just drive.


What is your idea of the ultimate self-care ritual? (either something you currently practice or a fantasy).

Waking up early, having coffee on the porch with Izzie, setting intentions/meditating for 5-10 minutes, working out (all before looking at my phone–once I do that it’s a downward spiral into work-mode) and then in the evening taking a shower or bath and reading for a bit to wind down. Now, this doesn’t always happen but it would be my ideal ritual.

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