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Portrait of a Foot Soaker: Robyn and Tommie


Portrait of a Foot Soaker: Robyn & Tommie

Occasionally, we like to offer a glimpse into the lives of our treasured guests. Robyn and Tommie have been faithful foot soakers since 2016. They are best friends who love to spoil each other with gifts of self-care. They display the sweetest definition of friendship and we love when they visit us. We asked this dynamic duo about their friendship, the importance of self-care, and how the two make for an amazing combination as they enjoy retirement.


We really enjoy witnessing the friendship you have together and how you love to spoil one another with self-care time. How long have you been friends?

Robyn: We’ve been friends for almost 40 years.


How did you meet?

Robyn: We met through our employer, a major trauma center in the Chicago area. Tommie was the head nurse on one of the units that I managed (managed all the non-clinical activities). We found we like a lot of the same things and have been friends ever since even though I moved to the west coast and Tommie and her husband moved several times. I’m beyond ecstatic that our final move has brought us back into the same area.


What other activities do you do together?

Robyn: We love going to movies, dining, vacationing, concerts, making Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Tommie: Although we were not living near one another for almost 25 years we did get together at times and it was always as if we had never been apart. Tom (my husband) and I were very happy when Robyn and John made the decision to move to Asheville. Not only do we vacation with our husbands but also do “girls only” trips.


What things do you do to try and maintain a work/life balance?

Robyn: Retirement presents a new challenge in balancing one’s life. Now the balance shifts to staying healthy, active, challenged and current once out of the workforce.

Tommie: In all honesty, I had a difficult time balancing the two when I worked. After retirement, I have had the opportunity to travel for fun, do volunteer work, and enjoy more time with family and friends more.


Do you have any favorite activities to help relieve stress?

Robyn: Walking, yoga, and massage.

Tommie: The best activity for me is to have a massage of some type. I do enjoy walking and yoga. Reading, for me, is also an opportunity to relieve stress.


If you are having a bad day how do you make each other feel better and support one another?  

Robyn: Compassionate listening and offering relevant assistance.

Tommie: Robyn is definitely a listener and gives me much needed support when needed. I try to do the same for her.


What is your guilty pleasure for me-time?

Robyn: Monthly Wake visits.

Tommie: I second Robyn’s response. I only regret that there is not a Wake in northern Michigan where we spend the summers. There is nothing like it near us there.


Are there any spots around town that you find yourself drawn to when you need a mental break?

Robyn: We’re still exploring Asheville.  And mental stress is minimal these days.  Retirement in Asheville is great!

Tommie: I do recommend retirement as it does reduce the mental stresses incurred while working. Drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway and visiting the Biltmore Estate are activities I find to be stress-reducing.


What is your idea of the ultimate self-care ritual? (Either something you currently practice or a fantasy)  

Robyn: Current practice is 4 – 5 yoga classes a week, monthly massage, monthly soak at Wake and hip hop dance to keep current with what the kids are listening to on the ear buds.

Tommie: Manicures, pedicures, massages, yoga, walking and most of all my visits to Wake.


Thank you, Robyn and Tommie, for your continued support of Wake Foot Sanctuary and for letting our guests have a glimpse into your lives and friendship. We appreciate all our guests and look forward to featuring another portrait of another guest in the future. If you would like to share your favorite ways to rejuvenate leave it in the comments below!

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