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Portrait of a Foot Soaker: Veena Rhodes, MD.



Occasionally we like to offer a glimpse into the lives of our treasured guests. Veena has been a foot soaker since 2014 and knows the meaning and importance of self-care. We asked this triathlete and mother of three to share some of the things she does to keep a level head.


What is your company and position within the company?

I am an Integrative Medicine Physician in a direct primary care private practice.


What things do you do to try and maintain a work/life balance?

I am more a full-time mom and more of a part-time physician. I also am a triathlete, so I spend probably an average of 10 hours a week on training. We have two older children in school and one still at home with us. Early on, we realized that we needed to get a part-time nanny not only for the times that my husband and I were working but for date time and even solo “sanity” time. No regrets on that and I feel we are better parents because of it.


Do you have any favorite activities to help relieve stress?

Exercise, hot tub soaks, massage, foot soaks! Date night out with the hubs or–if we’re really lucky–an overnight.


Who in your circle do you go to when you have a bad day? How do they make you feel better?

I often reach out to a good friend or two — people that I exercise with. Many of us have gotten into exercise (running, biking, etc.) because it is a chance to vent about other life happenings. It’s not a complain-fest but more of a sharing time and safe space.


What is your guilty pleasure for me-time? 

Sadly, I love sleeping early and sleeping-in in the morning. Rarely happens, but so great when it does. If the kids are away for a day or two, I make sure to go out and be social. But, I also clean the house! Even down to organizing underwear drawers.


Are there any spots around town that you find yourself drawn to when you need a mental break?

I often go into downtown because I can walk from home. Dobra is a quiet spot that I feel like I can catch up with a friend but also have some tea or a bite.


Thank you, Veena, for your continued support of Wake Foot Sanctuary and for letting our guests have a glimpse into your me-time! We appreciate all our guests and look forward to featuring another portrait of another guest in the future. If you would like to share your favorite ways to rejuvenate leave it in the comments below![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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