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Seven Simple Tips for Wellness and Staying Fit During the Holidays!

I don’t know about you, but for me the holidays are an opportunity to eat, drink, and be merrily uncomfortable in my pants! The weather gets colder and it takes more motivation and discipline to get outside and move my body on a regular basis. All I want to do is sit in a cozy recliner, drink hot chocolate, and read a good book. And then we have the holiday parties with alcohol, tons of sweets, and the opportunity to overeat and overindulge in general. What are we to do?!

Here are 7 easy things to keep in mind and implement during the holidays that will help keep your health and wellness on track!

1. Moderation
Moderation is key. It’s ok to partake in whatever holiday festivities there might be, but don’t overdo it. Don’t let the holidays, or your emotions during this time, be an excuse to throw common sense and healthy habits out the window.

2. Limit Alcohol and Sugar Consumption
Alcohol and sugar lower your immunity. Alcoholic beverages can also be full of sugar. Add to that some holiday treats and you will give your body an unnecessary spike in sugar that will result in suppressing your immune system leaving you vulnerable to colds and flus. And right now, who needs that?!

3. Hydrate
Hydration is important all the time, but it is particularly important during the winter months. We remember to drink more during the summer when we are sweating. It is harder to recognize dehydration during the winter. You might think you aren’t thirsty, but this doesn’t mean that you are hydrated. If you indulge in those holiday alcoholic beverages remember that alcohol (and caffeinated drinks) can cause dehydration. How do you know if you are hydrated? Well hydrated urine pale yellow. Better yet, add a pinch of sea salt to your water to help your body absorb it better. And no, your water will not taste salty.

4. Maintain Daily Exercise
It is important for everyone to exercise in some way every day. The winter months and holidays are not an excuse to stop exercising and go into hibernation. Even when on vacation on a tropical island it is important for continued overall health and wellness to maintain our healthy eating and exercise protocols. This will help you to stay on track and not feel like crap afterwards!
Here are some easy and inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment to have at home:
– exercise bands
– jump rope
– yoga mat
– dumbbells or kettle bells (soup cans or jugs of water work as well)
The internet is a plethora of free exercise information. Google is your friend. Find something you enjoy doing and move your body wherever you are! We never travel without a jump rope!

5. Find or Create a Challenge for Yourself
This can be a fun thing to do alone, with a friend(s), or with your family! Here are some ideas:
– sign up for a LIVE or Virtual Holiday 5K
– walk a mile a day (rain, snow, or sunshine) for 30 days (or more)
Youtube has some great videos of people doing extraordinary short and long things! I love watching some of these as added inspiration, motivation, and to spark my own creativity in coming up with new challenges for myself.

6. Turn off Tech
Back in the day, there was no tech! I know! Hard to believe, but true. We have become reliant on, obsessed with, and addicted to our technology these days. During this Holiday Season why not take scheduled breaks from technology. You might just find that you are able to be more present with and attentive to yourself and loved ones.

7. Make some Time for You time
Nothing says relaxation like a little home spa day! Make yourself a cozy bubble bath, give yourself a clay mask facial, break out the pumice stone and keep those feet soft and smooth throughout the Winter season! I can almost feel the relaxation wash over me! And if all of this sounds like too much work, you can always pay us a visit at Wake and we’ll take care of the soak, and the bubbles, and the feet! You’ll just have to sit back and receive all of the amazing pampering that we have to give.

Here’s to Happy Healthy Holidays!

by Lisa Kiebzak

Lisa Kiebzak is the Senior Director of Talent Development at Wake Foot Sanctuary, celebrating over 8 years with the company. Lisa is also one of the owners of the company,  Age Like a Renegade, offering coaching, education, and classes geared towards peri and postmenopausal women. Stop by and see her for world-class service at Wake Foot Sanctuary Asheville or stop by the Age Like a Renegade website and check out all the other healthy living  resources available!

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