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Top 5 Wake Insider Tips

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Top 5 Wake Insider Tips


Are you looking for the perfect Wake Foot Sanctuary experience? We know our services are unique and it can be confusing to know exactly what to expect. Here are a few of our top tips to have a wonderful stress-free experience when planning your next Wake Foot Sanctuary trip.


Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first appointment.


We know this seems like a lot but, let’s say, your appointment is at 12 pm and you arrive at 12 pm thinking you’re on time. But, then you have a tough time deciding on what soak and massage to pick, take a few minutes to fill out our new guest intake form, want to take some time to peruse the tea menu, then need to use the restroom, etc. By the time you get back to the sanctuary for your appointment, it is now 20 minutes past 12 pm and your service is almost half-way through.


This is the opposite of what we want for our guests! So, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first appointment to allow yourself time to prepare for the service, if needed. If you’re wearing skinny jeans or tight pants that you’ll need to change out of, leave yourself time to do that (we do have wrap skirts available to change into but keep in mind this can take a few minutes).


Above all else, we’re a spa!


Wake Foot Sanctuary is a shared spa experience and is relatively new to most people. Guests are not always sure what to expect. Please, leave all food at restaurants and at home. We do offer shortbread cookies and local truffles to snack on but because our space has a delicate ecosystem, leftovers can permeate in the air for hours after you’ve left. This can agitate others’ allergies and make the general smell of the space not what our guests expect it to be.


This is a delicate one because we love our foot-soaking mamas: we also ask that your sweet babies stay home while you take some me-time for yourself. Only children six years of age, or older, are allowed in the sanctuary (and even then, only to participate in services alongside a parent or guardian who is also receiving services). This is common courtesy for the other guests in the sanctuary and helps keep the sanctuary a quiet and relaxing space for everyone receiving services. After all, even foot-soaking mamas need to have quiet alone time (maybe more so than most)!


Also, remember while in our retail space that services take place right behind the curtain! We know it’s easy to forget and do our best to remind everyone.


Let your guests in on the secret!


When booking in a group we often have members of said group show up with no idea what they’re signed up to do. We love when a guest is surprised but sometimes it’s not meant to be a surprise, it is just a lack of information. We ask that if you’re booking in for others, and they have never been to Wake before, please make sure they read our policies online. Be sure to inform them of when to arrive and what to expect (so, say, if they’d like to wear appropriate clothing they have the opportunity to do it).


We can tell you that there is almost nothing worse for us than having a guest in a group show up with no knowledge of our policies and then not be able to participate in services with the group for various reasons. Not everyone is aware of each other’s specific health, skin, or nail conditions so please have guests check in with our policies or even have them call us for direction.


Remember, it’s communal!


At any time there’s a chance there will be 8 happy foot soakers in our sanctuary and any combination of groups (be it couples, groups of 3, or larger). The sanctuary is not meant to be a silent space–just a place that encourages relaxation. We allow guests to talk with their friends and family when sharing services with them. We just ask they do so quietly when in the presence of other guests.


Our therapists and staff are there to help if a guest or group of guests are being too noisy while you’re receiving services. Please ask us to step in and we will be happy to do it. Be honest! We try to ask guests frequently how they’re feeling and doing and if something is bothering you please let us know. If you ever feel like your services were not the best they could be, we ask you reach out to us in whatever way is comfortable so we can try to make it up to you. A communal space, such as our sanctuary, is a constant delicate dance and as a growing business, we are always trying to do better.


Plan ahead!


Nothing makes our day quite like being able to sneak in a hopeful face that walks into our spa and is able to jump back for a perfect hour of luxury. We have to say, though: this is increasingly rare. We take walk-ins whenever possible but the majority of our services are pre-booked because, without pre-booking, it is likely you won’t get an appointment.


If you are looking for a weekend appointment: we recommend at least two weeks up to a month in advance in order to secure the timeframe that is most desirable to you. If you are booking in a group of 5 or more we recommend at least a month–especially if your entire group wants massage.


If you have questions about our availability or would like to book an appointment just give us a call! Unfortunately, we can’t book appointments through email, Facebook, or Instagram. We are happy to check availability when we receive your messages–just know that our availability is subject to change and it often changes quickly and frequently.


We hear from guests that they would love to book online and while we agree–that would be a fabulous feature–a lot goes into a single booking behind the scenes that guests are not aware of that currently makes it impossible to book online. If this feature becomes available in the future, know we will be shouting from the rooftops!



We hope that these tips will help create a calmer and more relaxing Wake Foot Sanctuary experience and we are deeply grateful to all of our foot-soaking guests who allow us the pleasure to pamper. We hope to see you very soon.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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