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Inspiration Thursday

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Inspiration Thursday

We ask our staff to share what inspires them. This submission is from our lovely massage therapist, Kelie.
My hen, Ms. Goldie, is one of my sweetest inspirations. She devoted the last month to sitting on guinea eggs in hopes to have a flock of young chicks running about–technically the would come out as guinea keets. Day after day she sat on her nest waiting patiently for her new babes to be born. After week 4 had come and gone, I realized those eggs weren’t fertile and decided to intervene. I got her 5 baby orphington chicks in hopes she would take them in as her own. It was a gamble, considering some hens won’t accept babies from another mother.
I crossed my fingers as I snuck the babies under her.  She took to them immediately and the flow of unconditional love whirled around them and myself as I watched this miracle occur.  Her eyes softened and her heart grew wide for these little beings.  It amazes me that she puts herself aside to tend to her flock, even though she is starved for food and rest.  The devotion and selflessness she has for the chicks leaves me speechless with my heart flooding with pure joy. 
We gush at the picture and the stories Kelie has of her sweet animals–this one especially inspires her and us as well. Ms. Goldie, we admire your devotion and love for the babies that are now yours!
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