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What are the benefits of a foot soak?

Soaking your feet helps to soothe muscles, hydrate and moisturize your skin, reduce swelling, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation.


Now Knoxville, Tennessee has its very own Wake Foot Sanctuary where you can enjoy rejuvenating foot soak services by yourself or surrounded by friends.

About Wake Foot Sanctuary
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How does it work?

It’s easy! Make an appointment (or call ahead if you’re trying to walk in).


When you check in for your service you’ll be able to pick from a wide array of hand-crafted foot soaks. Kick off your shoes and socks then cozy up in a comfy chair. Dip your feet into a warm bath of clean essential oils, soothing salt blends, and ultra-moisturizing clays and oils.


And that’s it! Now relax and unwind for 45 minutes while we dote on you throughout your service. We dry off and powder your feet at the end so you’re ready to reemerge and tackle your next to-do.

Try them all!

All foot soak services are $32.

Hit Refresh

Grapefruit, rosemary, fennel, and pink clay come together in a bright and refreshing escape for your sole.

Good Vibes

Evokes calm and relaxation with its sensual and sexy scents of vetiver, patchouli, and added shea butter.

Meditation Garden

Beautiful botanicals top this lemon, juniper, cinnamon, clary sage, and peppermint-based über-relaxing soak.

Lavender Chamomile

The quintessential relaxation duo. Sudsy & fragrant, topped with dried flower petals.

Old #9

Wintergreen and rosemary team up with our Signature Wake salts for a stimulating yet soothing treat that will leave your feet feeling anything but weary!

The Clay Bath

White-clay, avocado, fennel, and clary sage make this soak velvety smooth, earthy, and grounding.

The Melt

Super moisturizing citrus ginger with shea butter; herbal, carrot, and neem oils.

Tea Tree & Mint

Tea Tree oil, peppermint, and avocado oils are swirled together with green clay for a stimulating, rejuvenating, and antimicrobial foot soak.

Salty Beach Rose

Highly emollient, aromatic, and sensual. Lavender, jasmine, and detoxifying rose salts.

Signature Soothe

Healing for the skin and muscles with oils of lavender, tea tree, & clary sage plus detoxifying Epsom salts.

You can try all of these, plus monthly off-menu foot soaks!

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