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Leadership Team

Leadership at Wake Foot Sanctuary

Our Leadership Story

Our drive at Wake Foot Sanctuary is to be the best shared spa experience in the world. We strive each day to focus our talents on delivering amazing foot soak services in our sanctuary. We regularly exhaust both employee and customer feedback to improve our execution, training leadership disciplines, and rigorously question our processes to maintain the highest standards for our guests.

As a result, Wake Foot Sanctuary is enjoying year over year average sales growth of 40%, significant growth in demand for new Wake products, and industry-leading revenue per square foot performance.

We attribute our success to the application of our core values of:

  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Service to others
  • Teamwork


These form the basis by which we accomplish everything that we do and the drivers for every decision we make.

Our Leadership Team


Melissa Long, Founder & CEO With a passion for service & leadership, along with her background in marketing and management, Melissa has found her home in Wake in more ways than one.  Her experience across category management, marketing research, and sales roles have provided her with the insight necessary to build teams, structures, and support as the foundation for a strong company.  A far cry from the corporate path that she once walked she finds new and positive challenges each day. She strives to find new ways to pour into the teams, figure out how to better delight guests, and to support our franchisees working toward creating a legacy of service.

Brian Long, Founder & COO Brian’s professional background in service, project management, and site planning has provided Wake Foot Sanctuary with much needed foundational and ongoing support for site selection, construction, & project management. His dedication to process excellence and his commitment to the teams builds an unwavering willingness to go the extra mile. It is why our team leaders rely on his guidance and support. His creativity can be felt throughout the company: from the flows of our processes to the procurement of many of the merchandising elements and themes. He has been influential to the operational direction that guides tactical planning. He is passionate about the experience felt by Wake guests.


Lisa Kiebzak, Director of Team Experience – Lisa is as passionate a team leader as you will ever find. In the same way we strive for the utmost blissful experience to each guest, we are equally driven by the experience we create for our employees and Wake franchisees. Lisa’s history across professional counseling, leadership training, as well as her experience as a massage therapist have truly prepared her for this very role. She has played an integral role in our hiring process development, guest services best practice training and development, as well as policy and operational planning guidance. Lisa makes all of our team members and their overall experience with Wake Foot Sanctuary her top priority each day.

Kelly Garland, Operations Manager Kelly comes with a background in leadership and management and her experience in working with nonprofits, youth, and facilitating development programs has poised her for managing our team and processes at Wake Foot Sanctuary in Asheville as well as assisting on advisement for strategic projects. Her big-hearted approach to guest experience informs her team-based focus on for both service and leadership. Her close eye to finer details equips us to perform incredible services for our guests. Kelly recognizes growth potential in processes and in people and in her dual assessment finds the best application for our team’s skills.


Heather Stone, Sanctuary Teams Manager With energetic dedication, and a passion for neuromuscular massage and chronic pain healing, Heather’s found her massage home at Wake Foot Sanctuary. Her valuable perspective in systems development and fine-tuning our process down to the last detail is a vital support in developing the best massage therapists in the spa industry. Heather strives to empower and excite our massage team and guide them in their growth at Wake–all while having fun doing it.

Melissa Devore, Team Experience Lead Before Melissa found us at Wake, she worked around the country doing volunteer work with homeless shelters, food banks, therapeutic horseback riding programs, and organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters. She brought her big heart to massage therapy and our guests have been enjoying her connection and magic touch ever since. Melissa’s gentle nature and strong attention to detail equips our new massage therapists with the skills they need to provide Wake’s signature experience in the sanctuary.


Michelle Arrowood, Sanctuary Teams Trainer Michelle brings grounded sensibilities and a big heart for service to everything she does at Wake. Her years of experience in salon and spa services has provided her the depth in perspective for assessing guest needs, managing critical points of execution, and facilitating a strong team-driven environment. As a talented massage therapist, her doggedness and ability to take new tasks head-on primed her to rise quickly into a position as Sanctuary Teams Trainer. Her calm, cooperative, and positive nature is motivating the next generation of Wake Foot Sanctuary team members to follow in her footsteps.

Kelie Micho, Team Experience Lead With a world class attitude and extensive customer service experience, both in breadth and depth, Kelie is one of the many shining stars inside Wake Foot Sanctuary. Her background in training, team-based integrative therapies, and her various massage disciplines allow Kelie to provide a great foundation of support to our Sanctuary Teams. Her guidance across customer service principles, innovative massage techniques, and overall execution is a great asset to our Leadership Team, our franchise teams, and our massage therapists.


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