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The Sanctuary Experience

The Sanctuary Experience

At Wake Foot Sanctuary we strive to provide you with an atmosphere of personalized attention, service, and care. Leave your to-do lists at the door and enjoy a unique experience of repose and wellness.  All of our foot soaks are handmade for you using apothecary products, soaps, pure essential oils, and salts.

Why We Love To Serve

All of us at Wake Foot Sanctuary make it our priority to provide the best possible service to our guests so they leave with a genuine experience. We don’t hold ourselves to such high standards because we have to. We do it because we truly love to serve you.

We are in love with what we do. We are a good group of team players that honestly enjoy each other’s company. When we love each other and when we love a place like the sanctuary, it is easy to love you, too! We believe this love shines through in everything we do.

There is something very special about tending to someone in a quiet, pampering, and historically sacred way. We are mindful of the change that takes place when someone is served a soothing pot of tea. Sometimes our guests relax in a cozy chair for the first time in a long while and we are in awe of the healing that can take place in quiet, respectful relaxation.

We get you all warm and snuggly with a heated neck wrap and then serve up an intoxicating soak for your tired feet. The look on your face is worth every minute of our behind-the-scenes efforts to prepare tea, hand-make the soaks, fill the bowls, and clean up after it’s all done. Your successful efforts at relaxation makes our job serving you a pleasure.

Finally, (though, we could go on forever about why we love to serve you) this next reason is maybe most important: you are amazing! Each and every guest that walks through the door at Wake is unique and interesting. You often make us better for having met you.

In order to provide good service to you we must be present with you. In being present with you in a relaxing environment we have the unique opportunity to experience and appreciate your essence which at its core is magnificent. Take a little time out of your busy day. Come into Wake Foot Sanctuary and experience the tailored service we provide with deep appreciation to each of our guests. We would love to meet you.

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