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Self Care Ideas From Wake Staff

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self care ideas

Self Care Ideas from Wake Staff


Self-careĀ ideas can be difficult to come up with. Each person has different ideas on what relaxes them. We love making our guests feel pampered and cared for at Wake. We are all about holding space for people to treat themselves and indulge in relaxation. In order to always be on our game with our guests, we need to make self-care aĀ top priority. Here is how our beloved massage therapists and staff make sure they take care of themselves so that they can provide you with the best experience possible during your visit.

ā€œI like to going for a run with my headphones on and listen to reggae music and fueling my body with nutritious foods. Painting in my studio is also one of my favorite ways to express creativity.”

Lisa K.

Disconnect! Give yourself a daily media allowance and spend the time you would be on social media in nature or doing something else that you usually don’t have time for.

Kristina B.

I enjoy an escape into the woods for a camping adventureļø where I can unplug and reconnect with nature. It gives me tons of energy.

Kelly G.

IĀ practiceĀ self-care by keeping a gratitude journal and saying positive affirmations. I also useĀ a tongue scraper and floss regularly for an oral hygiene regimen. Dry brushing and body oiling are also parts of my self-care routine.

Kelie M.

IĀ likeĀ to incorporate regular exercise like dance, running, yoga, and kettlebells into my daily routine. IĀ also add lots of sleep and water– they’re important for helping me feel my best. Walking barefoot in my yard always makes me feel calmer too. And snuggling my babies does too.

Carolyn C.

Taking time to get exercise and move in opposite ways that I do at work.

Ingrid A.

I will scour, usually YouTube, for the funniest, and/or heartwarming videos I can find. Ā This also immediately changes perspective and relieves stress. It has always been important to me to have people, furry, purry, clawed, pawed, hooved and or winged things to care for. Ā It is tremendously satisfying. Ā I think everyone at Wake has this, and that is why we chose careers that are in service to others.

Bernadette F.

So are you feeling inspired to amp up your self-care? Let us know in the comments what your favorite self-care practices are. We would love to hear from you!

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