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at wake foot sanctuary we offer foot soaks with add-ons of massage.

Appointments not required, but highly recommended as the sanctuary has limited seating. Please inquire about availability.

foot soaks

45 minutes - all soaks $40

Foot soaks are at the heart of all Wake Foot Sanctuary services. They are handmade with essential oils, nourishing clays, and revitalizing salts. All of our à la carte foot soaks are a warm & relaxing 45-minute experience.

hit refresh

Grapefruit, rosemary, fennel, and pink clay come together in a bright and refreshing escape.

good vibes

Evokes calm and relaxation with its sensual and sexy scents of vetiver, patchouli, and added coconut oil.

meditation garden

Beautiful botanicals top this lemon, juniper, cinnamon, clary sage, and peppermint- based über-relaxing soak.

lavender chamomile

The quintessential relaxation duo. Sudsy, fragrant, and topped with dried lavender.

tea tree and mint

Tea tree oil, peppermint, and avocado oils are swirled together with green clay for a stimulating, rejuvenating, and antimicrobial foot soak.

old no. 9

Wintergreen and rosemary team up with our signature Wake salts for a stimulating yet soothing treat that will leave your feet feeling anything but weary!

the clay bath

White clay, avocado, fennel, and clary sage make this soak velvety smooth, earthy, and grounding. So softening.

the melt

The most moisturizing experience with citrus ginger with coconut oil, herbal carrot, and neem oils.

salty beach rose

Highly emollient, aromatic, and sensual. Lavender, jasmine, and detoxifying rose salts are swirled together while dried rose petals peak through the bubbles on this gorgeous soak.

signature soothe

Healing for the skin and muscles with oils of lavender, tea tree, and clary sage plus detoxifying Epsom salts.

expectant mothers & sensitive skin soakers

Ask us about our soaks that are uniquely formulated for your needs!

massage add-ons


20 min - $45 | Pick one area
40 min - $90 | Pick up to two areas

foot and lower leg massage   /   hand and lower arm massage   /   head, neck, and shoulder massage
Your massage is performed while you enjoy the magic and relaxation of the foot soak service.
Licensed massage therapists at Wake Foot Sanctuary customize each experience by crafting their diverse skills to best meet every guest’s unique needs. They ease tight muscles, relax stressed minds, and revive sore feet. Whether you choose a lower leg and foot massage; head, neck, and shoulder; or hand and lower arm massage during your foot soak with us you will receive superb individualized care from start to finish. Departure from our Sanctuary will be with a revived body and a serene mind.

spa packages

In addition to our à la carte soak and massage menu, Wake also provides packages that extend soak and massage times.

just chillin’

$120 -  (50 minutes)
This package starts with one of our most popular tea tree, lavender, and clary sage foot soaks. Your feet will indulge in rich moisture and detoxifying salts only to be awakened again after you chill out with an accompanying 30 minute foot and lower leg massage.


$135 - (60 minutes)
Coconut, juniper, lavender, & citrus oils melt into our Wake salts blend with butterfly pea powder and CBD rounding out in this gorgeously relaxing blue-hued soak. Guests will begin their relaxation experience with 10 minutes of head, neck, and shoulder massage followed by 20 minutes of foot and lower leg massage in this wonderfully restorative sanctuary experience.

date night

$135 p/p - (60 minutes)
A perfect option to prepare for that first impression or to enjoy on a special night out. A sensual but subtle combination of frankincense, cardamom, and cedarwood create the light scent reflected in the soak, while coconut oil leaves your skin soft and touchable. A 10-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage paired with a 20-minute foot and lower leg massage will leave you relaxed and tension-free while you sip on a warm and aromatic pot of tea and share some delectable treats.

blissed out

$145 - (60 minutes)
This treatment starts with our Old NO.9 foot soak that includes wintergreen, rosemary, and our signature Wake Foot Sanctuary salts that will soothe your weary feet. Relaxation begins as you enjoy a 10 minute head, neck, and shoulder massage. Sip on hot tea and drift into bliss as your feet and lower legs are then indulged in 30 minutes of decadent massage.

inner peace

$165 - (65 minutes)
This package is perfect to restore body and soul. Begin with a coconut oil-based foot soak with earthy and calming scents of vetiver and patchouli. Unwind stress and tension with a 20-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage and follow with a rejuvenating 30-minute foot and lower leg massage for tired feet. Inhale the calming scents, sip on a pot of tea, and find the peace within.

the getaway

$180 - (75 minutes)
Our grapefruit based soak is incredibly bright and refreshing. Accompanied by fennel and rosemary essential oils with almond oil and pink clay, this soak gets you to your island chill escape while you enjoy a 30-minute head, neck, and shoulder massage and then a 30-minute foot & lower leg massage. Don’t even think about lifting a finger, except to pick up your sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage.

jet setter

$200 - (75 minutes)
This package is great for the person who needs a bit of respite and TLC from travel, work, or any other busy stressors of life. This treatment does it to the nines with all of our add-ons: head, neck and shoulder massage for 20 minutes, foot and lower leg massage for 20 minutes, and hand and lower arm massage for 20 minutes. These wonderfully relaxing treatments are paired with one of our most moisturizing foot soaks for a luxuriously hydrating and aromatic experience. You will also indulge in a pairing of rich local truffles as well as a personal pot of tea.

featured soak

Peppermint Stick

Topped with cacao husks and infused peppermint oils, Our Peppermint Stick is a memory worthy aromatherapy experience that will delight the senses while our indulgent cocoa butter and clays soften and lock in moisture. This luxury soak is paired with 20 minutes of relaxing foot and lower leg massage and our signature tea service. Celebrate the season with us and enjoy this while it lasts! (50 minutes, $100)
Tea services along with non alcoholic chilled beverages available for add-on to any soak or package service
Wine, cider, and assorted Alcoholic Beverages available for purchase
Wake Foot Sanctuary guests can also browse a tempting selection of truffles & assorted rotating confections

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