Unique Jewelry In Asheville and Other Great Gifts To Find!


Unique Jewelry in Asheville Are you looking for unique jewelry in Asheville? Want that locally-crafted gift or perhaps a piece of fair-trade gorgeousness from a far-off location? We’ve got several options for gifts from around the world for unique jewelry in Asheville, NC. We put the spotlight on two of our favorite brands below. Fair Trade International Pieces […]

Favorite Spa in Asheville


Your Favorite Spa in Asheville   Asheville is a wonderful community with delicious foods, beer and breweries, amazing scenery and wonderful options for spa and wellness treatments. Asheville takes its health and wellness seriously and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of that!  Here are a few actual quotes from our recent […]

How to Relax in Asheville.

  Are you looking for a way to relax in Asheville? If you’ve been revitalized with a soak and massage service at our sanctuary then continued relaxation is just a few steps away. Asheville is uniquely focused on helping visitors unwind with its signature Southern hospitality. Here are a few ways to relax once you’ve emerged […]

Our Favorite Asheville Spots


Our Favorite Asheville Spots It’s warming up here in AVL and we’re seeing more and more visitors from around the country (and sometimes around the world!) We have a few beloved spots around our city we’d like to share with you if you find yourself needing something other than soaking and relaxation! Urban Dharma – Our […]

Poetic Inspiration


Poetic Inspiration In our series of what inspires us as a team we’ve got a little bit of poetic inspiration from our massage therapist and inspiration-leader-at-large, Lisa K! What inspires me? It’s you who inspires me. It’s the way that you move through the world, unaware of your beauty, strength and grace. It’s your sense […]

Lindsey’s March Favorites.


Lindsey’s March Favorites Wish Me Luck Necklace – How adorable is this Wish Me Luck necklace? We’ve had several customers walk by and exclaim, “Oh! A little wishbone!” It’s the perfect icing-on-the-cake to a little black dress or similarly simple outfit. Jamison Rae jewelry is perfectly understated and demurely grabs attention. Kensington Garden Candle – Tisane Votive […]

Monthly Happenings, May 2014

WAKE MONTHLY HAPPENINGS Hey Wake Foot Soakers! Can you believe Wake turns 1 on May 13th! We thank you so much for your patronage over this year and we would like to celebrate with you on our birthday!!! We are running a special one day package that features our Salty Beach Rose soak, 20 minute […]


Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog (/ˈmoʊɡ/ mohg; May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005), founder of Moog Music, was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. MoogFest is a celebration of Bob Moog, Moog-inspired music, creativity, and sonic artistry.  It takes place in Asheville, NC from April 23-27, 2014.  The Moog Factory is located in […]