Mindfulness In The New Year


Mindfulness in the New Year   We spoke with Camille Maybin, owner of Yoga Bin in Woodfin, about mindfulness and the ability to quiet the mind during yoga practice. We love Camilla and Yoga Bin and she shares some beautiful insight we just had to share with our followers!   What drew you to yoga […]

How Can We Turn Down The Noise?


How Can We Turn Down The Noise? If you’ve never taken a yoga class with Paige Gilchrist you are sorely missing out. Several of us on staff at Wake Foot Sanctuary have independently floated into the shop on a blissed-out yoga cloud thanks to Paige’s incredible guidance and intuition. We were beyond excited to get […]

Immune Booster!

Immune Booster!   It’s that time of year!  Gift shopping, cooler weather, rushing around, spending money, family, travel.  All of these things can add to our day to day stress.  This time of year, with its added stressors, can contribute to a depleted immune system.  And as we know, a depleted immune system can lead […]

Letting Go … Just Do It

Letting Go………..Just Do It When was the last time you just “Let Go”.   If it is taking you a while to recall…..then this article is really for you. I felt compelled to share this with our Wake family in the hopes that it would help someone like it did for me. Several years back […]