Nutrition with Cameron Gunter Stein

Real Nutrition with Cameron Gunter Stein We have long been fans of Cameron Gunter Stein at Wake. Her no-nonsense attitude on nutrition and stress management are refreshing and approachable. We chatted with her about what foot soakers can do to get their diets on track and she even gave us a couple of delicious recipes […]

Wellness From Wake: Fourth Edition.


Wellness From Wake: Fourth Edition. Is your job stressing you to the max? Then how about you quit that job and take up grub farming? NPR has a great piece about a Korean man, Kim Jin-Suk, who quit his marketing job after the stress was just too much. He found great happiness in all things grubs […]

Wellness from Wake: Third Edition.


Wellness From Wake: Third Edition.   Allison J. Pugh has a fabulous piece in Salon about employee loyalty in a climate where companies aren’t expected to reciprocate. Many of us have been through economic strife which brings on loads of stress and anxiety. Job insecurity can cause amplify these feelings and even send some into […]

Patchouli Essential Oil


Spotlight on Patchouli Oil   Patchouli is possibly the most divisive essential oil we have run into. People either hate it or they love it. There have been many squabbles during check-in over our only soak with patchouli included–the Appalachia After Dark. While the scent of patchouli is not overwhelming in our particular soak there are […]

Benefits of Tea


Benefits of Tea   At Wake we offer a lot of things to help ease tension and encourage relaxation–one of our favorites is our wide variety of delicious teas. We serve these to guests while they soak their feet and depending on the tea they choose there are increased benefits–besides just relaxation–that our guests incur […]

Wake’s New Year’s Relaxations!

Wake’s New Year’s Relaxations!   The Christmas shopping has all been done. The Chanukah candles have all been lit. Most of the partying has all but crashed! So now what? Something that I do every New Year’s Eve is to create a list of everything I want to let go of from the past year […]