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Spa Services

Spa Services

At Wake Foot Sanctuary we offer foot soaks with add-ons of massage.

All of our à la carte foot soaks are a warm & relaxing 45-minute experience. Foot soak services do not include any massage.

Our massages are add-ons to the foot soak service and come in 20 or 40-minute increments. Massage add-ons take place during the soak service and do not otherwise extend the service time. See pricing and details below.

Foot Soaks & Massage Menu

Our foot soaks are lovingly handmade by our therapists fresh upon your arrival. They come out to you in a large copper hand-hammered bowl and are made with clean nourishing ingredients. Foot soak services are 45 minutes long and include a warm-up and powdering and drying of feet.

  • Downward Dog – Green tea, lemongrass, & avocado oil come together for an energizing yet nourishing soak. Breathe deep. ($25)


  • Good Vibes – Evokes calm & relaxation with its sensual and sexy scents of vetiver, patchouli, and added coconut oil. ($25)


  • Meditation – Scents of lemon, juniper, cinnamon, clary sage, and peppermint come together to prepare you for über relaxation. ($25)


  • Lavender Chamomile – The quintessential relaxation duo. Sudsy & fragrant, topped with dried flower petals. ($25)


  • Old #9 – Wintergreen and rosemary team up with our Signature Wake salts for a stimulating yet soothing treat that will leave your feet feeling anything but weary! ($25)


  • The Clay Bath – White-clay, avocado, fennel, and clary sage make this soak velvety smooth, earthy, and grounding. ($30)


  • The Melt – Super moisturizing citrus ginger with shea butter; herbal, carrot, and neem oils. ($30)


  • Tea Tree & Mint – Tea Tree oil and peppermint come together for a stimulating and antimicrobial soak. ($25)


  • Salty Beach Rose – Highly emollient, aromatic, and sensual. Lavender, jasmine, and detoxifying rose salts. ($30)


  • Signature Soothe – Healing for the skin and muscles with oils of lavender, tea tree, & clary sage plus detoxifying Epsom salts. ($30)
Massages are performed by our talented licensed massage therapists and are done in 20 or 40-minute increments. Massages are add-ons to the foot soak service. Massages take place during the foot soak service and do not otherwise extend the service time.

Foot & Lower Leg Massage

  • 20 minutes ($30)
  • 40 minutes ($60)


Hand & Lower Arm Massage

  • 20 minutes ($36)
  • 40 minutes ($72)


Head, Neck, & Shoulder Massage

  • 20 minutes ($36)
  • 40 minutes ($72)
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