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our mission

At Wake Foot Sanctuary we strive to provide you with an atmosphere of personalized attention, service, and care. Leave your to-do lists at the door and enjoy a unique experience of repose and wellness.  All of our foot soaks are handmade for you using apothecary products, soaps, pure oils, and salts.

If you are interested in adding a massage, our talented and licensed massage therapists can certainly provide you with a tailored treatment offered across one or more of the three major tension-holding areas (the feet & lower legs, the head, neck & shoulders, or the hands & lower arms). We are more than happy to help you select or customize an experience that meets your needs.  All you have to do is sit back, relax, and be pampered to the fullest by caring professionals.

In our shop, you will find handmade jewelry, natural hand-poured candles, as well as sensuous body care products.  It is our desire to provide the utmost level of service and comfort, whether you are coming in for a foot soak and massage or visiting our boutique. Stop by for a visit or call ahead to enjoy a truly unique experience.

the story of wake

the story
of wake

People ask us all the time where Wake Foot Sanctuary’s name comes from. They often say we should be called sleep! But the name Wake comes from a very special person–or, not really quite a person.

“ Ohhh, our boy, Wake. Where can we even start? Brian, my husband, found Wake before we ever even met. He opened his car door one morning and there Wake was, acting like a best friend of many years! Brian named him Wake after finding him that morning, like “waking up to a new friend.”

Wake’s signature move was jumping into stranger’s cars it seemed. He would jump in the car of a stranger if you weren’t careful while taking him to a park or on a little jaunt somewhere. He just liked people, he really just liked everyone. Best veterinarians could assess he was part collie, part Rhodesian, and was as stubborn as the day was long. You could get so mad at him one minute and then realize he was just a big, soft lovie dog that just wanted to be around where all the action was.

Wake weighed about 60 lbs or so but must have thought he was a chihuahua because he couldn’t get close enough to you. He was at his happiest when trying to inch his way onto your lap while you sat on the floor and played with him. If you were having a bad day, if you needed a buddy for a walk, or just someone to hear out your latest presentation then Wake was there for you.

Wake, to us, was like many dogs you know. They treat us as we should really treat each other. They are kind to us, they comfort us, they are just there for us through thick and thin. No questions asked, never complaining, as loyal a friend as you will ever find. When it came time for us to name the business, I instantly gravitated towards Wake.

We wanted our foot sanctuary to embody Wake’s charm, his approachable nature, and his loving attitude towards all he met. When he passed in 2016, it was even more reason than ever to do right by his name and his legacy. We can only hope and try to be that great of a friend to our Wake guests and teammates. It’s worth working towards every day. “ – Melissa Long, Founder and CEO of Wake Foot Sanctuary.

why we love to serve

All of us at Wake Foot Sanctuary make it our priority to provide the best possible service to our guests so they leave with a genuine experience. We don’t hold ourselves to such high standards because we have to. We do it because we truly love to serve you.

We are in love with what we do. We are a good group of team players that honestly enjoy each other’s company. When we love each other and when we love a place like the sanctuary, it is easy to love you, too! We believe this love shines through in everything we do.

There is something very special about tending to someone in a quiet, pampering, and historically sacred way. We are mindful of the change that takes place when someone is served a soothing pot of tea. Sometimes our guests relax in a cozy chair for the first time in a long while and we are in awe of the healing that can take place in quiet, respectful relaxation.

We get you all warm and snuggly with a heated neck wrap and then serve up an intoxicating soak for your tired feet. The look on your face is worth every minute of our behind-the-scenes efforts to prepare tea, hand-make the soaks, fill the bowls, and clean up after it’s all done. Your successful efforts at relaxation makes our job serving you a pleasure.

Finally, (though, we could go on forever about why we love to serve you) this next reason is maybe most important: you are amazing! Each and every guest that walks through the door at Wake is unique and interesting. You often make us better for having met you.

In order to provide good service to you we must be present with you. In being present with you in a relaxing environment we have the unique opportunity to experience and appreciate your essence which at its core is magnificent. Take a little time out of your busy day. Come into Wake Foot Sanctuary and experience the tailored service we provide with deep appreciation to each of our guests. We would love to meet you.

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