Asheville’s Best Spa

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Why would over 170 reviews on TripAdvisor point to us as Asheville’s best spa? We deeply care about our guests’ experience and our commitment to customer service sets us apart even from the other places in town. Asheville’s best spa is a title we are so humbled to hold thanks to reviewers and guests who take their spa experience seriously.

As soon as guests arrive they are greeted and guided through the process of picking out their warm handmade foot soak and choosing their massage add-on by one of our talented licensed massage therapists. They can add on delectable treats and tea service as they’re guided back into our relaxing space called the Sanctuary. Our massage therapists take the time to tailor each service to what guests want and it’s that commitment to quality and care that sets us apart as Asheville’s best spa.

Nestled in the Grove Arcade located in downtown Asheville, Asheville’s best spa is a prime location for date nights, bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, or time alone away from the chaos of everyday life. Plan to start your day with a relaxing soak and massage and stroll through downtown for shopping and lunch. You can also schedule an appointment for the end of the day, enjoy one of our luxe massage packages and slip out into the cool Asheville night for drinks and dinner–it’s the perfect way to wind down.

Life is hectic as it is so why waste precious time in places that are pushy, upcharging, uncaring, or providing subpar massage? We’re Asheville’s best spa for a reason and one of them is the quality of the handmade soaks with natural and nourishing ingredients. Enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing massage by our talented massage therapists and leave the spa feeling brighter, renewed, and ready to take on whatever plans lay ahead.