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10 At Home Spa Tips to Ease Bodily Tension

You probably already know that stress affects your mind, but did you know that it can take a toll on your body, as well? In fact, tension most commonly builds in your neck, shoulders, hips, hands, and feet. While a trip to the spa for a massage or foot soak is ideal, not everyone can go frequently enough. But don’t fret! You can use these 10 at-home spa tips to relieve some of that bodily tension.

Invest in Good Spa Products

One of the easiest ways to de-stress is to invest in some good spa products. Look for scented bath salts, sleep-inducing tub teas, a relaxing eye pillow, a muscle-warming neck wrap, body soothing oils, skin-renewing scrubs, tension-reducing foot soaks, and luxurious moisturizers. Using the same spa products as your massage therapist or esthetician can give you some of the same benefits and a similar sense of pampering at home.

Partner Up

If you can’t get to the spa for a massage, try partnering up with a spouse, friend, or family member to give each other at-home massages. Use spa products, such as a calming lavender scented oil, and gently rub the neck, hands, arms, or feet in circular motions. You can even give each other facials using gemstone rollers, facial masks, and moisturizers.

Create a Space

Another great way to relax at home is to create a space that reminds you of being at the spa. Choose a bathroom, vanity, or even corner of the room to set up a comfy chair, foot tub, candles, and soft lighting. Keep your favorite spa products, a good book, magazines, flavored water, tea, or wine nearby when it’s time to unwind.

Dress the Part

When it’s time to unwind, don’t forget to dress the part. Change out of constricting clothing and slip into a cozy robe, fuzzy slippers, and a soft towel head wrap. Adjust the temperature in your home or, better yet, light a fire. A heated neck wrap, heating pad, heated or weighted blanket, or space heater also work well.

Get Better Sleep

It probably comes as no surprise that getting good sleep can help reduce stress and ease your bodily tension. To help you get better sleep, try a mini spa treatment before bed to relax. Use sleep-inducing lavender scented products in your bath or shower, dim the lights, turn off all electronics, listen to a sleep story, or try a couples massage right before bed.

Slow Down Your Routine

If you rush through your morning or nighttime routines, try slowing them down. Wake up a little earlier and go to bed sooner so that you can enjoy your beauty rituals. Rather than splashing cold water on your face and running out the door, try a rejuvenating facial scrub in the morning, followed by a refreshing toning mist and moisturizer. At night, use a creamy moisturizer, eye treatment, or mask that you massage gently into your skin for several minutes with your fingertips.

Try Some New Aromas

Your sense of smell can do amazing things to your body, so try new aromas at home. Use candles, a diffuser, wax melts, or room sprays to create a soothing atmosphere. Sandalwood, geranium, chamomile, bergamot, vanilla, and lavender are all good aromas to help relax.

Find the Right Music

Don’t forget to find the right music to add to your spa time at home. Nature sounds, soft instrumental music, or even a guided meditation or podcast can help you relieve tension and stress.

Bring the Outdoors In

You might also notice less tension if you bring some of the outdoors inside. Fragrant and colorful flowers, house plants, zen gardens, stones, water features, or other natural elements can have a soothing effect on many people and help humidify your home or purify the air.

Give Your Cell Phone a Time Out

During your at-home spa sessions, be sure to give your cell phone a time out. Turn the ringer off or put the phone in another room to make sure you aren’t constantly interrupted by notifications, sounds, or lights.

If you’re noticing physical stress and tension, there are several ways to make yourself feel better. Try some of these tips at home, or visit Wake Foot Sanctuary Spa in Asheville NC or Knoxville TN for a stress-reducing treatment.

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