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A Talk with the Makers: Los Poblanos

1. We are absolutely loving your hand lotion and body scrub in our spa shop and we are loving using it personally! Tell us about your blue corn-based scrub and what makes it so special?

Thank you! Our Blue Corn Scrub is a blend of Organic Cane Sugar, Epsom salts, and blue cornmeal which provides a layered exfoliation for your skin. The sugar dissolves quickly and provides light exfoliation, while the Epsom salts take longer to dissolve giving you a bit more exfoliation and the blue cornmeal provides a longer and more gentle exfoliation. The blend creates a custom experience that can be tailored to your skin’s needs. While blue corn may seem an unusual ingredient to find in a body scrub, it’s an important ingredient in the Southwest that was originally planted by the Hopi tribe and has grown in New Mexico for centuries. Blue corn is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and gently sloughs off dry skin. This scrub also provides an aromatherapeutic experience with calming organic, farm-grown lavender and uplifting, energizing peppermint essential oils.

2. Tell us more about the lavender operations at Los Poblanos and the history with the farm?

We planted the first lavender crop in 1999 as part of our agricultural preservation project. Los Poblanos has been agricultural land for many hundreds of years – first worked by ancestral Puebloans and over time as a part of a Spanish land grant and was a model experimental farm in the 1930s and 1940s. Lavender is a low-water use plant that thrives in our arid environment, and our fields have grown to hold thousands of plants after years of hand-propagating the original lavender plants in our historic greenhouse. Organic lavender farming enables us to further our preservation mission by balancing our rich agricultural history with environmental concerns such as water conservation and soil structure, here in the Rio Grande Valley.
We harvest the lavender for its essential oil, which is extracted through a steam distillation process right on the farm, ensuring absolute purity.  The oil then goes into our line of artisan products and amenities at Los Poblanos Inn to offer our guests a deeply relaxing experience directly connected to the land itself.

Our farmers’ focus is on refining a Grosso cultivar specific to our unique North Valley climate and soils, thereby producing stronger plants with less work, yielding a greater harvest with more lavender for us all to enjoy. This also gives our products a distinctive scent.

3. What makes your hand lotion so emollient and long-lasting? It’s one of the best hand lotions we have tried!

Much like our Lavender Peppermint Blue Corn Body Scrub we created our Lavender and Lavender Peppermint Lotion to provide the customer with the ability to customize for their own skin needs. Our lotion is formulated for the New Mexico Hight Dessert climate and was made to layer with our Lavender Skin Care Oil for a deeper moisturization or to layer with our Lavender Salve for an even deeper moisturization for the driest of skin. Mix a pump of lotion with a pump of our Lavender Skin Oil or a Lavender salve in the palm of your hand and apply it generously. No matter how you choose to layer and combine these products your skin will be deeply hydrated and refreshed.

4. What experience do you hope people have in using your products and what is important for them to know about your products creation and ingredients?

Our products truly have a since of place and are directly tied to our lavender fields and the property of Los Poblanos. Our hope is that when you purchase and use our line you will know that you are supporting a handmade local business that only uses the best and fewest ingredients to give you a luxurious experience anytime and anywhere.

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