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Being Well

being well


Most of us want to be healthy.  When we think of health, we often think of physical health.  Good health, then, becomes about remaining free of injury, colds, flus, disease, and any number of current “bugs” that are out there.  But what exactly is wellness?

Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence. (


According to Bill Hettler, MD, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, there are six dimensions of wellness:  physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, and occupational.   In other words, how do you feel physically?  What is your degree of happiness and contentment?  Do you have a belief system and values that are important to you?  These are only some of the questions at the root of one’s personal exploration of wellness.

Asheville is a wonderful place to experience wellness.  We have a plethora of alternative practitioners in the area.  And there are any number of new experiences to be had that focus on wellness.  Asheville Wellness Tour ( is one such offering.

The Asheville Wellness Tour is a collaboration between Asheville’s Salt Cave, Travelling Yogini Yoga Tours, and Wake – the foot sanctuary and shop.  The wellness tour takes two hours and begins at Asheville’s Therapeutic Salt Cave where you will experience first hand the benefits of salt therapy.  When your session there is complete, you will be greeted by Travelling Yogini Yoga Tours for a light introduction to yoga and then taken on a unique yoga tour through the heart of Asheville!   Finally, tour-goers will be led to Wake where they will experience a relaxing foot soak, tea service and some pampering that is sure to be a restorative completion to the Asheville Wellness Tour.

The Asheville Wellness Tour is a great option for anyone wanting to address wellness of mind, body, and soul.   To book your tour call 828-236-5999.

Whatever you choose, choose to be well.

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