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Benefits of Tea


Benefits of Tea


At Wake we offer a lot of things to help ease tension and encourage relaxation–one of our favorites is our wide variety of delicious teas. We serve these to guests while they soak their feet and depending on the tea they choose there are increased benefits–besides just relaxation–that our guests incur just for sipping on this delicious beverage.


It fights disease. Green, white, and–to lesser degrees–black teas have EGCG which is a catechin and in studies with animals have been shown to fight all kinds of cancers.


It fits in. According to an assistant professor at Harvard School of Public Health it may not be the “magic bullet” but it’s a great addition to a heart-healthy diet and lifestyle–especially green tea.


It relaxes you. Chamomile especially. If you’re in need of a pre-bedtime sip or something to help ease your nerves tea is an excellent alternative to any pill and chamomile is a great choice to get those dreams started.


It feels good. Not only can you cozy up in a warm soak but to sip on a warm tea lets your insides feel the soothing warmth as well. Have you ever taken that first sip of tea only to feel it slide down your throat and coat your belly with warmth and goodness? That’s a feeling we treasure.


It opens you up. We find guests like to try new teas when they come in for soaks and massage. Have you heard of rooibos tea? It’s a red tea made from South African herb and our version has hand-cut caramel for a decadent cup. What about pu-erh tea? Also known for fighting cancer it’s a black tea–the one we have includes orange as well and is a unique and flavorful beverage. We have black, green, white, red, and pu-erh teas for guests to try!


What is your favorite tea?

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