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Can a Foot Massage Reduce Pain?

According to the National Holistic Institute, an estimated 88% of consumers agree that massage can effectively reduce pain. Massages help people relax, manage emotions, sleep better and deal with physical and mental challenges. Here are seven different foot massage techniques you can try to relieve aches and pain.

Warmup Twists

To perform this foot massage effectively, place your palms on either side of the foot and gently pull on the right side while pushing the left side back. Proceed to push on the left side while pushing the right side. Repeat the motion and work for your hands from ankle to toes.

Arch Rubs

This technique is excellent for underside foot massage. Do it by holding the top of the foot with one hand and rubbing the length of the arch with the fingers of the other hand. Repeat this motion and move from the heel to the ball of the foot.

Toe Bends

Used to encourage flexibility, this foot massage requires you to hold the heel with one hand. Proceed by bending all toes on one foot back and forth with your other hand. Repeat the movement and increase pressure gently each time.

Pressure Points

This foot massage is relaxing and focuses on the instep. With one hand supporting the top of the foot, use your free thumb to press and release the top of the instep. Move down the instep and repeat the motion with gradually increased pressure.

Achilles Massage

This foot massage helps relieve tension in the Achilles tendon. To do it right, grasp the Achilles tendon between your thumb and index finger. Stroke downwards toward the heel and repeat.

Top and Side Circling

Support the foot from below, and using both hands, extend your fingers and circle the ankle on both sides. Move your fingers in a circular motion around the foot’s side and upwards toward the toes.

Toe Massage

This technique will relieve pain in the toes. Do it by holding the foot’s base in one hand and using the fingers, on the other hand, to tug, twist, and pull toes gently. Start with the outer toes and move inward.

Foot massages are easily accessible and can be done at home to minimize pain and relieve tension. They can help you relax and feel better overall. For professional massage therapy, call us today to book your appointment.

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