Spotlight on: Carrot Oil


Spotlight On: Carrot Oil


If you have been skincare shopping any time in the last 5 years then you have probably noticed the ingredient retinol. Retinol refers to vitamin A and has several excellent properties for the skin. Vitamin A communicates to cells to act and look healthy and normal. Because vitamin A helps speed skin cell turnover and create healthy cells anyone can benefit from its use. Anyone from those with acne to fine lines and even wrinkles.


Retinol from the drugstore or pharmacist can be irritating and not well tolerated so if you are interested in retinol I would suggest trying carrot oil. Carrot oil is a natural source of vitamin A. Carrot oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the wild carrot plant, which is also called Queen Ann’s Lace. Carrot oil has a light and slightly sweet, earthy scent, and a rich yellow orange color. It can be mixed with a facial moisturizer to add anti-aging properties. This oil is tolerated by almost all skin types and can benefit all ages.


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