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Celebrating 10 Years of Wake

As we approach our May 13th anniversary, we will celebrate the first day we opened the doors of Wake Foot Sanctuary. We are reminded now and often of those early days, the work in shaping the concept, the processes, the construction, and the jitters that followed about how the business would be received. We knew that opening in the company of other great merchants simply wasn’t enough. We truly wanted to strive to bring a world class communal experience that was different and that was built on a foundation of service excellence.

On our website is a short bio on the story of Wake and how it came to be named. In short, the business was named after our then dog, who was a friend to everyone he met. When it came time to think of a name for the business, the thought was immediate. We wanted the space to feel beautiful to look at and be in, but warm at your first interaction, your first greeting, so that guests too would become like old friends.

In staff meetings, both large and small, we often talk about visualizing our favorite person or people. We think about them coming into this space and how we would want that experience to be for them. We use that visualization to shape the experience for everyone else that visits Wake too. This has remained unchanged since we opened our doors as we continue to revisit feedback, evolve for the guests desires, and hone our skills.

We appreciate each and every person who has visited Wake for services, who has purchased gift cards for loved ones or friends, or who has enjoyed items from our shops over the years. You fuel us each day with your smiles and reactions and we truly love pampering you. Thank you for these 10 years and to all that lies ahead in serving you!

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