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What should I expect when I come to Wake for a foot soak?

Wake Foot Soaker How-To

First and foremost, you should expect to be pampered … but there are a few other minor details before you drift off into the land of bliss we call Wake.  You will arrive here about 10-15 minutes early to allow yourself time to fill out some paperwork and choose your service.  You can choose to soak only, or you can choose to soak and add on either 20 or 40 minutes of massage (head/neck/shoulder, hand/forearm, or foot/lower leg).  In addition, you can also choose to order an individual or shared pot of tea, cookies, and/or truffles.  We have menus of our soaks, soak packages, and teas.   Our foot soaks are 45 minutes long and the massage happens within the 45 minutes of the soak.  We ask that you set aside about an hour for the whole experience to allow time to get settled and for us to be able to prepare the soaks.  All soaks are prepared individually and hand formulated from recipes.

Once your paperwork is complete and your service has been chosen you will be given a pair of slippers and asked to remove your shoes and stockings.   Shortly after this, one of our therapists will come out to introduce themselves to you and take you back into the Sanctuary.  The Sanctuary is a dimly lit room with comfortable arm chairs and sofas.  Your massage therapist will ask you if you would like a warm lavender neck wrap.  I highly recommend that you say yes!  If you ordered tea, this will arrive next with the option of honey or raw sugar on the side.

Your soak will be wheeled in on a cart that is holding a beautiful hand-hammered copper bowl.  You will be asked to roll your pants up to your knees (so make sure they are loose enough or you will be asked to sport either a wrap around skirt or a blanket sans pants).  Your massage therapist will remove your slippers and place them on the cart beneath the bowl and you will lift your legs into the bowl as it is wheeled in toward your seat.

And here you are … in the “aaah” of the 108 degree luxurious soak … possibly sipping on some delicious tea and savoring the slow melt of a Chocolate Lounge truffle!  As if this isn’t perfection, the addition of a massage would mean that right about now your massage therapist would return to begin your 20 or 40 minute massage.  From the massage therapists perspective, this is where we experience the occasional snore, drool, or twitch as our guest drifts into the no Wake zone!

The water in your bowl is re-heated every 15-20 minutes or so leaving you blissfully pampered.  Your massage therapist will be communicating their next move to you along the way and when your time in the Sanctuary is coming to a close, they will return to towel off, powder, and re-slipper your feet.  You will find that you practically glide back into the real world (albeit reluctantly).

We hope to see you soon!


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