Fashion with Purpose

Fashion with Purpose

What’s the old adage? “Give a man a fish you feed him for one day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” Can jewelry be used to feed someone for life? Purpose jewelry is a brand whose makers are survivors of modern-day slavery.

In 2007 iSanctuary was created to help strengthen and heal survivors of commercial sexual or labor exploitation. iSanctuary empowers their artisans by giving them healthcare, dental care, scholarships, and micro loans. As a part of the program Purpose jewelry was created to provide job training and a paycheck to survivors.

We began carrying Purpose a few months ago in our retail shop and the necklaces and earrings have not hung around long. You can find the name of the woman who made the unique piece on the back of the jewelry’s tag. It’s a personal message that these pieces are not created on machines but by the hands of a fellow human being.


Offering holistic care and financial stability to young women with traumatic backgrounds can teach her to overcome and the jewelry is a symbol of that.

To find out more about Purpose jewelry you can visit their website at and to find out more about iSanctuary you can visit

Stop by our shop in the Grove Arcade to see these beautiful pieces in person and pick out your own symbol of purpose.

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