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Our Favorite Asheville Spots

Our Favorite Asheville Spots


It’s warming up here in AVL and we’re seeing more and more visitors from around the country (and sometimes around the world!) We have a few beloved spots around our city we’d like to share with you if you find yourself needing something other than soaking and relaxation!

  • Urban Dharma – Our massage therapist, Jenny, adamantly recommends stopping by Urban Dharma to see a wonderful Buddhist center in downtown Asheville. “You don’t have to be a Buddhist to visit! It’s my favorite because it’s not just a shop but it has a spot for meditation and offerings. They have classes and accept donations–a beautiful space to see.”


  • Botanical Gardens in Asheville – Our Director of Operations, Marielle, had this to say about her favorite hideaway: “The Asheville Botanical Gardens on the UNCA campus are a beautiful and peaceful place where you can find all kinds of indigenous wild flowers, trees, and shrubs. Meander on the walking paths, play in the creek, bring a picnic for the benches or a blanket for the meadow to enjoy an exquisite display of nature in the heart of Asheville.  It’s free and 10 minutes from downtown!”


  • Lex18 – “Do you want an experience?” Our lovely massage therapist, Kelie, asks. “I’m sort of obsessed with early 1900’s stuff and this place is intimate. The staff? AWESOME. There was a silent movie playing in the restaurant and I just felt like I was back in the early 1900’s. Their moonshine list was so long. I recommend the apple pie moonshine–and the food was great, too. It give it two thumbs up.”


  • Friday Night Drum Circle. “I’m pretty sure I’m going this Friday! And of course–I’m bringing my drum!” Director of Human Resources, Lisa, said. “I love the diversity of the crowd and to see everyone hula hooping and having fun. There’re all different levels of drummers from beginners to experts. It’s energizing and makes you want to be there–that’s why I’m going!”


Need more recommendations? Just ask. All of our staff love telling guests about our favorite places. We’ve got an endless list so this is just the tip of the iceberg!





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