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Are You Always Asking, “How Can I Get Soft Feet?” We’ve Got The Answer For You!

How Can I Get Soft Feet?



Wake’s foot sanctuary and shop is nestled in downtown Asheville. We see all kinds of travelers from weary Biltmore-walkers to foodie’s taking a break from noshing or sloshing craft beer. A question we get a lot is: how can I make my feet softer? We’ll give you some product recommendations and questions to ponder that will help to have your feet feeling refreshed and touchable in no time.


1. What conditions are your feet up against?

I can’t say these tips will be miraculous for someone like barefoot survivalist, Cody Lundin, but they will help people with mild calluses who are determined to have smoothness in their lives. If you are on your feet all day what sort of footwear are you equipping your long days with? Are your shoes falling apart and causing blisters or pain? Did you receive your go-to socks as a gift from your mom in high school? If these questions make you realize your feet are one of the hardest working parts of your body–you’re right! It’s likely they need a little more TLC than they’re getting. Find good sturdy and comfortable footwear for the work your feet will be doing.


2. Exfoliate!

We had guests in once preparing for service–a mother and her young daughter–and before the young daughter was allowed to purchase a body product her mother asked her, “Now what’s the most important thing you can do for your skin?” and the daughter sang out, “Exfoliate and moisturize!” We were impressed with this young girl’s early education in skincare and we couldn’t help but think that everyone should be so knowledgable. With a pumice stone or foot file–like Southern Hospitality‘s which is pictured above–you can scrub off calluses and dry skin. It’s recommended to do it in the shower or bath after your feet have softened up a bit. Be sure to keep clean whatever tool you decide to go with and keep it dry between uses.


3. Moisturize!

Do you hop out of the shower, towel off, and then move on to the next thing? You may be skipping out on an important step our little foot soaker knew to do after exfoliating–that’s to moisturize! There are plenty of products out there to help keep your feet soft and supple. Our whipped shea is a great option, along with body oil, and body butters (we’ve got a locally-made and delicious-smelling option from The Lotion Factory.) Slather it on post exfoliation and drying. If you feel like you’re slipping and sliding on your floors after moisturizing just put on some cozy socks to give your feet time to soak up and smooth out. It’s a fun reveal to peel off the socks and find soft feet underneath.


4. Keep Them Dry.

A great way to keep your feet healthy and renewed is to make sure you’re keeping them dry while they’re carrying you from place to place. Constant moisture can lead to fungal growth and irritated skin which can lead to lots of itching and unpleasantness. Wear clean socks, throw out those old musty shoes (I know they’re still cute but, seriously, if they still feel damp from your last wear just let them go to shoe heaven,) and use a powder for those shoes that can’t be worn with socks. And maybe stay away from jelly sandals–like, no matter what. Baby powder is a good option. We have a great arrowhead root powder we use with our services as well as sell in our retail shop.


5. Be Nice to Your Feet!

Last but not least–treat your feet well. If you are on them all day, maybe you’re a nurse or you do manual labor, take some time to consider what they need. We’ve got at-home soaks with wonderful salts that help melt the aches and pains away. If you’re always in high heels consider some cute flats–especially if you’ve got calluses, blisters, or other potentially painful problems developing from your footwear. The nicer you are to your feet the softer they’ll be and the better they’ll be about carrying you.


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