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How Can Massage Help Me?



How Can Massage Help Me?

If you have never had a massage you may have heard people say you’re missing out. But have you wondered why? We’d like to take some time to introduce you to one of our own! Amy is a talented massage therapist and certified pediatric massage therapist at a local hospital here in Asheville. In this interview we offer insights on how massage effects the body and what it can do for those first-time-getting-a-massage jitters!


How did you get started in massage therapy?

I’ve been drawn to massage therapy for quite some time before pursuing it as a career.  I began working as a Certified Child Life Specialist 7 years ago at Mission Hospital providing psychosocial care to hospitalized children and their families. About 4 years ago, I realized I wanted to continue my healing work with others but with a more hands-on approach.  I attended massage therapy school at The Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville in 2012 and graduated with a wonderful assortment of skills and knowledge to apply to my work as a LMBT (Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist.)

What makes Massage Therapy unique from other therapies?
Massage Therapy is specifically beneficial because of the ability to calm a person’s central nervous system.  So often we live our lives in fight-or-flight mode–our days are often non-stop, full of interactions, and multitasking.  Receiving a massage creates the space for your mind and body to become present, connect, and relax.  I’ve often felt time stops when I’m receiving a massage, and one reason it feels that way is because all the chatter in my mind is able to settle down and my ability to be mindful resurfaces.
How do you use massage at your job at the hospital?
As a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, my massage work with children can look a bit different than how I work with an adult.  Often with younger children, I’m incorporating sensory toys, massage stories, and shorter sessions to meet their needs.  What overlaps is the benefits of massage–my work with children has shown me how massage helps them relax, create a mind-body connection, and have a positive association with nurturing touch.
Have you seen any skeptics become massage enthusiasts after receiving bodywork?
As a Massage Therapist at Wake, I’ve had the honor of providing many people with their first massage experience.  Often there are signs of anxiety and tension beforehand, since they aren’t quite sure what to expect.  The beautiful and scientific thing about massage is that it calms the central nervous system, especially after the first 15 minutes.  I’ve watched apprehensive clients become centered and quiet as their shoulders finally let go and they settle into themselves during their treatment.  Afterwards, they leave feeling what I call “blissed out” and with a look of relaxation.  Those are the moments you realize your work has been effective and life-changing.
Our staff and guests appreciate her hard work and for the continued hard work she does for the community at large! Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us, Amy!

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