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The King of Oils: Jasmine

The King of Oils: Jasmine


As the more masculine of floral essential oils, Jasmine is nicknamed the “King of Oils.” We feature it in several of our soaks but do you know about the properties of Jasmine that make it such a royal addition?


  • Pain Relief. Jasmine is a known analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Our Under the Thai Moon Thai reflexology package combines a King-Of-Oils-infused foot soak with a traditional Thai foot massage and the healthy dose of Jasmine essential oil with foot massage will absolutely help ease pain in feet and lower legs.


  • Depression-fighter. Massage and a jasmine-infused soak is a great one-two punch to depression. Jasmine essential oil as an anti-depressant is a wonderfully natural way to help take the edge off the moody blues.


  • Menstrual Magic. Is your uterus especially angry this month? Jasmine is an emmenagogue–which means it’s a substance that stimulates or increases menstrual flow.


  • Galactagogue. Though that word sort of sounds like something in a Star Trek episode it’s a substance that helps promote or increase the flow of mother’s milk. Get pumping, ladies!


  • Anxiety. Are you particularly skittish? The King of Oils is a helpful sedative to settle those nerves.


  • Chaotic Coughs. With allergies being particularly bad at the moment here in Asheville we definitely recommend a whiff or two of Jasmine as an expectorant to help with coughs.


  • Gas Bomb. Has there been a lot of, um, rumbling in the digestive region? The essential oil is a carminative which helps to relieve flatulence!


With all essential oils or naturopathic/aromatherapeutic treatments results will vary but it’s worth a try and if nothing else Jasmine essential oil has a lovely scent. It has rightfully earned its place as a King of Oils.




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