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Melissa’s Summer Spa Favorites: CEO & Co-founder of Wake

As a busy mom of two kiddos and with summer now in full swing, her shower and bathroom serve as her daily spa escape from her busy lifestyle. She takes those important mom moments in the evening as a time to test new products and retreat to old standbys alike. So, she has mapped out her summer product favorites along with some new goodies that she hopes will delight you this year as well!

No matter what time of year it is, she keeps at least two and sometimes all three of the Wake Body Washes on rotation in her shower. She can’t help it, she just wants a different scent based on the time of day or mood, and while these body washes are absolutely amazing in the scent department with their natural essential oils, they are even more impressive in their performance. She loves that her skin and her kids’ skin (since they are always snagging the body washes for their own use too!) feels so soft and pampered after a shower with these body washes. Rosemary mint is such a great pick-me-up for summer mornings as is grapefruit bergamot and lavender chamomile for winding down. She promises, once you start using these, it will be very hard to stop! You can pick up a bottle at Wake Foot Sanctuary or purchase from our friends at

Her household has been really big fans of the Flamingo Estate brand for some time now. Richard Christiansen is a master of creative blending and in describing many awesome properties in the Flamingo Estate products. While she has tried nearly every product in their line-up at some point, falling in love with several, one of her favorite new bathroom additions is their Rosemary and Clary Sage Hand Soap. The packaging is beautiful on the vanity and the combination of rosemary, sage, lavender, and eucalyptus is gorgeous along with the velvety feel in the performance of this product. One sniff, and you will understand why she’s in love! It is a refreshing spa moment every time you wash your hands.

A surprising addition for her this year is bar shampoo from the Odacite collection. She has loved all of the products she has procured from the Odacite brand but has found the bar shampoo to be the most surprising addition to her summer routine and particularly travel. Her hair has been softer and more manageable using this shampoo than anything she has tried in a very long time. The scent is amazing, the ingredients are really clean, and it is also great at removing scalp buildup (she has a bit of an overuse of dry shampoo admittedly). She keeps hers on a wooden soap saver and it is offering great lasting power to this high-performing summer staple! Along with Odacite’s bar shampoo, she is keeping their Le Blue Balm at the ready for calming her skin from too much sun, evenings after washing off sunscreen, and just all over seal in of moisture for a nighttime facial routine. Her skin is acnegenic so she loves that this does not make her break out and truly adds to the dewy factor when she wakes up in the morning.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a summer spa product lineup without her all-time favorite products in the spa, the Wake Dry Oil Body Sprays. She is a big lover of body oils, and while she does like a heavier-weight body oil sometimes at night or during the winter months, she reaches for these two lovelies on the daily after showering or for extra softness and moisture before a night out in the summer. The grapefruit bergamot and lavender chamomile varieties are made from essential oils, coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter to infuse your body with gorgeous moisture and a luxurious scent. The pump spray offers a light mist and the application is non-greasy, only leaving behind soft and beautifully scented skin. You can use these on completely dry skin or you can keep it in the shower for easy application and to lock in moisture. They are beautiful to display in your bath area and they are truly a high-performing summer staple that you will love too!


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