Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog (/ˈmɡ/ mohg; May 23, 1934 – August 21, 2005), founder of Moog Music, was an American pioneer of electronic music, best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

MoogFest is a celebration of Bob Moog, Moog-inspired music, creativity, and sonic artistry.  It takes place in Asheville, NC from April 23-27, 2014.  The Moog Factory is located in downtown Asheville!  It’s a big deal. They shut down streets to put up stages and have over 100 musical acts that will be performing day and night.  There are also any number of cool lectures and workshops taking place throughout the five days of MoogFest.

Many local businesses are joining in on the festivities by creating their own tribute to Bob Moog and this amazing festival that is becoming an important part of what makes Asheville the place to be.

In researching Moog and deciding how we  would be catering to the downtown frenzy of MoogFest attendees, I learned a new term.   Circuit Bending.   Circuit Bending is when you take something like a toy keyboard, open it up, rewire the circuitry, and bend the sounds into synthesizer-like distortions.  Hmmm… How could we circuit bend what we offer at Wake?

We would like to introduce, The Circuit Bender Soak, a Moog-inspired soak experience complete with Moog-like music.  Intrigued?

Synthesize yourself with the Circuit Bender.  Don’t delay or resist … Program your soak with us Today!

The Circuit Bender will be available April 23-27 with Moog-inspired music playing while you soak from 5-7pm.

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