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Nutrition with Cameron Gunter Stein

Real Nutrition

Real Nutrition with Cameron Gunter Stein

We have long been fans of Cameron Gunter Stein at Wake. Her no-nonsense attitude on nutrition and stress management are refreshing and approachable. We chatted with her about what foot soakers can do to get their diets on track and she even gave us a couple of delicious recipes to try out! Check them out below and let us know how this new approach to nutrition feels to you.


What is the biggest nutrition myth out there right now?

The biggest nutrition myth is that there is a one-size-fits-all approach. There isn’t! Each person is unique and has different nutritional needs. Diets like vegetarianism, veganism, paleo, or eating for blood type might work for one person but don’t for another person. It is important to approach nutrition with an open mind and do what we call “eating for health.” One should look at their individual nutrient requirements. It’s important to consider that an athlete’s nutrition needs are very different from a middle-aged woman who is trying to lose weight.


This has been huge for me since so many people are now subscribing to different diets. They do not consider a holistic approach and need to take into consideration what they have going on in their lives. Factors like stress and aging have different requirements for diet, lifestyle, and stress management. These factors must be considered in nutrition. One might have certain allergies, health conditions, and even sensitivities that call for an individualized plan. Again, it’s not one-size-fits-all!


How did your nutrition journey get started?

I started my nutrition journey when I was 15 and I was struggling with food sensitivities, being over-prescribed antibiotics, and under a lot of stress with school. My mom was very proactive and was able to guide me to health through diet, lifestyle, and stress management. I became very interested in yoga, acupuncture, macrobiotic cooking, surfing and finding happiness! I went on to a career in massage therapy, teaching yoga, and studying holistic nutrition. I now have a private practice where I offer all of these wellness services.


If you are feeling stuck and are not at home in your body then a nutrition consultant can work with you. They can help you achieve your desired goals whether they are nutritional, lifestyle, stress management or all three!

Pancake Recipe

“My daughter and I are into these pancakes and this is our new Saturday morning breakfast ritual.”

  • 2 eggs, pasture-raised
  • 1 banana, organic
  • dash of vanilla (optional)

Blend all ingredients and pour “pancake” batter into a greased pan. Unrefined coconut oil is our “grease” of choice. Cook “pancakes” until golden on each side. Serve with grass-fed butter, fresh berries, and a side of turkey bacon (nitrate free and organic.)


Golden Milk Recipe

“I love turmeric and it is part of my daily ritual. I add it to my smoothie each morning. Turmeric is known for its health benefits, especially for anti-inflammatory conditions! Golden milk is delicious and this is a favorite recipe for it.”

  • 1 cup of spring water
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp of ghee (clarified butter)
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • 1 tsp of turmeric powder or grated root

Pour coconut milk and water into a saucepan and warm for 2 minutes. Add in ghee, honey, and turmeric and stir for 2 minutes then serve in your favorite mug and enjoy.


Cameron is a fabulous option for health and nutrition guidance. She offers complimentary 20-minute initial consultations for those interested in her services. You can find out more information on her website,

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