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Overheard In The Sanctuary


Overheard In The Sanctuary

Our guests never cease to surprise us. One of our favorite things about our jobs is the way it pulls down people’s walls and makes them say the darnedest things! Below is a list of ACTUAL quotes from some of our guests that we just couldn’t help but share with you.


“We were talking about quaaludes in the 80s–I feel like I just had one!”


“This is better than crack! And cheaper, too.”


“Well, looks like I’m going to have to marry a massage therapist!”


“How do you get the temperature so right? It’s perfect–like Goldilocks!”


“When I’m 80 and full of health issues this is where I’m coming. Death by massage! I’ll go out happy.”


“I love you. I just wanna hang out with you. Did you drug me or something?”


“You’re going to need a taser to get me out of here.”


“My toes give you a standing ovation!”


“Whatever that girl touched wrapped around the Euphrates of my essence.”


“Wake should be called Sleep.”


“I feel like Cleopatra. Gladiators should be fighting at my feet.”


“You can be my best friend. The position just opened up!”


“I haven’t been this relaxed in 37 years!”


“I’ve gone to get pedicures and stuff–but this is some next level shit.”


“You massage like a sexy man.”


“Sorry–I can’t drive. My feet are drunk.”


“If you have nothing relaxing to say, don’t say anything at all.”


“I feel like I’m in a genie’s bottle!”


“I feel like a Roman goddess!”


We’re sure there will be many more to come and keep giving us those great one-liners when you come to get a fabulous foot soak and massage!



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