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Patchouli Essential Oil


Spotlight on Patchouli Oil


Patchouli is possibly the most divisive essential oil we have run into. People either hate it or they love it. There have been many squabbles during check-in over our only soak with patchouli included–the Appalachia After Dark. While the scent of patchouli is not overwhelming in our particular soak there are some people who swear off patchouli for many reasons. We’ve heard, “I used too much of it in younger time in the 60s,” and “I can’t stand it–it smells like hippies!” While we would never advise getting a soak with essential oils that make someone relive their Deadhead days against their will–we do know patchouli essential oil has a lot of great properties. We think maybe those hippies were on to something!


  • Helps with inflammation. Patchouli is a known anti-inflammatory and antiphlogistic. Both help with reducing inflammation and relieving pain caused by inflammation.


  • Fight those germs! With antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, patchouli essential oil helps fight off those germs that may be causing sickness or persistent issues on skin.


  • Grow those cells! Patchouli is a cytophylactic–it promotes cell growth by stimulating generation of new cells.


  • Feeling gassy? Have you heard of carminatives? Much like jasmine essential oil, if you’re feeling some gas coming on carminatives are helpful in preventing and helping to alleviate gas!


  • Got the sniffles? With decongestant properties, patchouli essential oil can help clear up those clogged airways to help you breathe easier.


As always, essential oil effectiveness is different for everyone and should be diluted and properly researched before adding to any health/beauty/wellness routine. We will have more practical uses for essential oils in coming weeks so keep an eye out. Our next essential oil we’ll be exploring is tea tree oil!

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