Planning A Party At Wake!

Planning A Party At Wake


Are you tired of doing the same old celebration? Do you always meet at the same bar or restaurant or have a stressful shindig at home you can’t even enjoy yourself? Wake is a great option for parties. We’ve had bachelorette, birthday, anniversary parties as well as staff meetings, retreats, and book clubs in our sanctuary. Here are a few tips for planning your group event at Wake.

1. How Many People Will Be There?

We can only have up to 8 people in our sanctuary at one time. This allows your party to feel intimate as well as everyone having an enjoyable and relaxing experience. If your group is larger than 8 people feel free to give us a call or email us so we can help plan your event to include all your special guests!

2. What Does Everyone Want?

Our group reservations are usually booked by one ringleader. If no one wants to take on the task your group members can call individually to book their own spots. If you’re the party planner make sure all the members of your party have checked out our policies and menu online. Have them decide if they just want to soak or if they also want massage. Is everyone interested in a package? Do three of your friends want to just soak, two want to add on a 20-minute massage, and you want to do a 40-minute add-on? That’s all fine–we just need to know to make sure we can provide you with the best party experience!

3. What About Food And Drinks?

We offer some delicious local truffles from French Broad Chocolate Lounge and shortbread cookies from our nearby favorites, Butter Blossom Bakery. We also offer an amazing selection of herbal and other teas. We understand sometimes a celebration calls for something more, um, adult–which is why we allow white wine or champagne in our sanctuary as well.

4. Who’s Picking Up The Tab?

Once people are checked in then one person can pay for the entire party, each person can pay for their individual ticket, or if certain guests want to split another’s ticket we can do that, too! We charge 20% gratuity on parties of 6 or more. Other than that, gratuity is not included. We accept cash as well as Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and Wake gift certificates.

5. What’s Next?

If your reservations are made and your guests are ready for the ultimate in affordable luxury and relaxing experiences then make sure to have them arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time so their paperwork can be filled out and check-in can be completed. After that you are free and clear to enjoy your event and your guests. Now you will finally be able to relax while celebrating!

Sometimes planning can be relaxing and rewarding. If you have any questions about planning your upcoming event just shoot us an email or give us a call–we would be thrilled to help!


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