Poetic Inspiration

Poetic Inspiration


In our series of what inspires us as a team we’ve got a little bit of poetic inspiration from our massage therapist and inspiration-leader-at-large, Lisa K!

What inspires me?

It’s you who inspires me.

It’s the way that you move through the world,

unaware of your beauty, strength and grace.

It’s your sense of humor and verbal eloquence,

I am inspired by your struggles and your pain,

your passion and your creativity.

your sense of fashion and style.

your happiness and your joy,

I am inspired by you.




I am inspired by your tattoos,

your piercings and the color of your hair.

I am inspired by the courage that it takes for you

The selflessness and dedication it takes

to live without a secure home.

to raise children in this world,

this inspires me.

I am inspired by the song,

It’s you.

the dance,

the words

that make up your world.

Yes, you inspire me.

Your life is an inspiration.

Live to inspire!