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Portrait of a Foot Soaker: Annita Thomas

Annita Thomas is a former Pan American Airways Flight Attendant, now award winning travel radio host, and has been a loyal Wake foot soaker for many years! Her wanderlust for travel started as a child, listening to her father talk about his time traveling in Europe and North Africa during WWII. She then joined Pan Am World Airways as a flight attendant and traveled the world. Annita now hosts a syndicated travel radio show, Travel Bags with Annita & Friends on WDUN AM 550, WMLB AM 1690 and WCFO AM 1160, providing great informational tips! Find her at or @annitaandfriends !
So we asked Annita: 
1) What is your profession for those of our foot soakers who haven’t been introduced to you yet?
I am the on-air host of an award winning travel radio show where I share my travel experiences with my listeners to inspire them to put down the glossy travel brochures and turn off the TV travel shows and have an adventure of their own.  I also want to inspire women who are 50+ to be active, not only in planning a getaway, but that it is never too late to start something new.  Maybe a hobby they’ve always wanted to make it more than just a hobby … it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.
2) What are three things that you do to stay grounded with a busy travel schedule?
  •  Healthy eating and rest – It’s important to stay healthy so travel is less stressful and you can accomplish all the things you’re wanting to do when you’re on the road 
  • Connect with family and friends while I’m home.  I value my family and friends, they are also my support system and staying connected even when travel is a big part of my schedule, keeps me fulfilled and ensures they do not feel neglected.  
  • I enjoy watching a documentaries, TV series, movies… all of the above helps me feel as though I am taking a little break just for myself.  
3) What is one of the favorite trips you have taken in the last two years and why?
This is always a tough question for me. I travel to so many wonderful places as part of my work and each places leaves me wanting to return. Each year we go to Hawaii. It started because my husband loves it and now I look forward to our annual trip. It’s so relaxing and the scenery makes me feel connected organically – one – with – nature.  The healthy menu choices of fresh fruit, salads and fish are high on my list of “perfect destinations” too.  It’s also a trip taken with friends and that makes it a very special getaway.
4) What are some of your favorite products or types of products for face and body that you make sure to bring when you travel?
My most favorite and one that has been a favorite for over 40 years of travel is moisturizers.  A – #1 the product that is always with me.  And, also body lotion.  Dry skin is a problem, especially on long flights. My skin is more dry naturally and having moisturizers is key to healthy looking and feeling skin.  My next favorite would be body salts. I love them to help exfoliate my skin and keep it looking healthy and vibrant.
5) What is one of your favorite activities for relaxation ?
 I love spa treatments.  Everything from a massage ( I love shoulders and head massages). A foot soak is totally delightful. It feels as though you are releasing all the wear and tear of the day.
6) What is your favorite pairing at Wake Foot Sanctuary?
 My favorite is the Lavender Chamomile.  I love the dried flowers.  Perfect way to relax and say “take me away!” And, I must add my next favorite is the Salty Beach Rose, I love, love the fragrance and is all about taking a deep breath and saying ahhhhh.

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