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Portrait of a Foot Soaker: Candace Roberts

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Portrait of a Foot Soaker: Candace Roberts


We love sharing a bit about our beloved foot soakers who grace us with their presence on a regular basis. This month we feature Candace Roberts! Candace loves her foot soaks at Wake and will often come in for some me-time to simply soak and relax. She was kind enough to come to Wake in-person on a rainy Sunday in September to share with us her favorite ways to de-stress and relax. That is some real loyalty and dedication! It was so sweet to sit down and talk with her about her self-care rituals and her perspective on what it truly means to honor herself when life gets stressful. Thank you, Candace! We love you!


What type of work do you do?

I work for an electronic payment processor company. I work for the help desk for pharmacy claims. I’ve been there four years.


What things do you do to try and maintain a work/life balance?

I am conscious of my breath, I laugh a lot and be sure to have quiet time and exercise. I like to walk and do Qigong and spend time with friends.


Do you have any favorite activities to help relieve stress?

I love laughing, drinking tea–vanilla rooibos tea and Yogi Tea Breathe Deep are my favorites, soaking at Wake and going to the Salt Cave. Also, talking to good people that I know.


Who in your circle do you go to when you have a bad day? How do they make you feel better?

I have a few people who I can turn to. However, I make it a point not to have an entire bad day. If something goes wrong I try not to beat myself up over it. I learn from the mistakes and I don’t let it bring me down. I make sure to turn my emotions back around. When I find myself dwelling, then I turn to acupuncture for emotional support. Once it’s better, I tell others how I overcame it.


What is your guilty pleasure for me-time?

I don’t like the word guilt. I think, why should I feel bad about something I like. For my me-time I laugh at something by book or show. I recently watched a Netflix bio-pic called Ali’s Wedding. It was wonderful and hilarious.


Are there any spots around town that you find yourself drawn to when you need a mental break?

Yes, Wake, the Botanical Gardens, Dobra Tea, The Arboretum and the Shady Grove on Lexington in downtown. I just go “Ahhhhh” when I walk into that place.


What is your idea of the ultimate self-care ritual?

Qigong and acupuncture, massage and coming to Wake for a foot soak. The ultimate self-care day for me was on my 50th birthday. My friends took me out to eat, then to the Salt Cave, to Wake, and then to Dobra Tea for some tea and relaxation.


Thank you, Candace, for your continued support of Wake Foot Sanctuary and for letting our guests have a glimpse into your life. We appreciate all our guests and look forward to featuring another portrait of another guest in the future. If you would like to share your favorite ways to rejuvenate leave it in the comments below!


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