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How to Relax in Asheville.

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Are you looking for a way to relax in Asheville? If you’ve been revitalized with a soak and massage service at our sanctuary then continued relaxation is just a few steps away. Asheville is uniquely focused on helping visitors unwind with its signature Southern hospitality. Here are a few ways to relax once you’ve emerged from our sanctuary.


  • Salt Therapies  – You haven’t heard Kristen Wiig wax hilarious on her time in Asheville? She mentions doing a float at Stillpoint Wellness. There are other salt therapy options such as sessions in the Asheville Salt Cave or at the Salt Spa. These places not only provide relaxing atmospheres but hold many holistic health benefits in their therapies. Relaxation and wellness are central components to the heart of Asheville.


  • Wine Bar – Luckily for us and our guests we have two great bars located right inside the Grove Arcade. There’s Sante’s Wine Bar which has a fun and chic atmosphere with a ton of selection and some delicious appetizers to nosh on. There’s also the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar which will send book lovers and champagne drinkers into a tizzy. They also have some delicious hot chocolate drinks. These are both great places for taking a breather, parking it outside or in a cozy seat amongst their warm atmosphere. There’s a reason we like to unwind with drinks at the end of a long and difficult day! Both of these bars offer great moods and great drinks.


  • Hikes/Waterfalls/Carrier Park/Beaver Lake – One of the reasons Asheville is the destination spot that it is! Seems obvious, but a lot of tourists miss the best part: the great outdoors. Asheville has plenty of relaxing options to get away from the city. Our own staff regularly recommend hikes and secluded spots for visitors to check out. Carrier Park is a great one but so is Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary. (Here‘s some information on it with a list of birds to try and find!) We have an ever-evolving list of outdoor spots to visit. Stop by and see us and we’d be happy to make a recommendation.

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