Why does it smell so good in here?

Why does it smell so good in here?



If we had a dollar for every time someone walks into our shop and says: “Wow it smells good in here!”, we could retire!  So why does our shop smell so darn good?  The amazing smell that greets you when you visit us at Wake – the foot sanctuary and shop is a combination of many scents.  The reason why these scents are so pleasing to the olfactory senses is that they are the result of essential oils.  They are pure, natural, and quite simply make you feel good.  We should know.  We are around essential oils all day every day.  Maybe that’s why we seem to be so relaxed and in a good mood around here.  Breathing all of these yummy natural flower and plant essences can’t be bad.

Essential oils are the liquid that is distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other parts of the plant.  The word essential refers to the true essence of the plant the oil was derived from.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way.

Essential oils come from real flowers and plants.   Perfume and fragrance oils are artificially manmade scents and offer no therapeutic benefits.

Essential oils can provide psychological and physical therapeutic benefits.  These benefits  are most often achieved through inhalation and application of diluted oil to the skin.

We have a great selection of body care products in our shop that contain essential oils.  We use a variety of essential oils in the formulations of our foot soaks as well.

For additional information about essential oils and their various therapeutic benefits and uses check out www.aromaweb.com.

Stop in and smell for yourself!

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