Smudge Sticks by Ruby Rose Sanctuary

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Smudge Sticks by Ruby Rose Sanctuary


Currently, in our shop, we have smudge sticks by Ruby Rose Sanctuary! These handmade smudge sticks are becoming a popular item in our retail shop and we can see why. Made by one of our beloved massage therapists, Kelie Micho who is the founder of Ruby Rose Sanctuary. She provided some beautiful photos and insights into these smudge sticks. Stop by our shop to pick up one for yourself!


” Creating sacred smudge sticks is quite a decadent and delightful way to work with plants and flowers.  From smelling the sweet aromas of the fresh sage, lavender, and chamomile wafting through the air to feeling the velvety petals of roses between the fingers to wrapping the flowers into a delicate sacred bundle is quite exquisite and brings pure joy to the heart (for me, anyway!)


When the flowers and herbs are burned they release negative ions to promote a sense of peace and can enhance your mood.  The smoke from these sacred plants also cleanses, purifies, and blesses spaces and places along clearing negative energies in and around people. 


The selenite crystal that is attached to the wand also dispels negative energy and lifts vibrations.  You can place it in your pocket, car, on your nightstand or anywhere that you feel you need a little extra protection.


The chamomile flowers in the smudge sticks were harvested from New Roots Market Garden, a beautiful local farm in Marshall, NC. “

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