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Sweet Fennel Essential Oil

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Sweet Fennel Essential Oil


If you have ever been to an authentic Italian dinner at your family or friend’s house, chances are you will see fennel on the dinner table. It’s a bulb-shaped greenish white vegetable that is crunchy in texture and can be eaten on its own or tossed in salads. Its licorishy aroma is unmistakable and is often confused with anise which is what Sambuca liqueur is made of. However, they are actually totally different plants. Similar scent, different plant. Fennel the vegetable is known for its properties in helping with digestion hence always being a staple on a table full of heavy Italian food.


For purposes here, we will be sharing some information about sweet fennel essential oil and how you can add it into your routine to support you in a variety of ways. Fennel essential oil is fennel in its most concentrated, purest form. The properties are super potent and enhanced. As always, consult with your healthcare provider before adding any essential oil into your regimen.


A member of the carrot and parsley family, fennel can grow to five feet tall and has delicate, lacy leaves. Besides its sweet, spicy and earthy scent, fennel has qualities that are supportive of your health and well being. Studies have been done to show that using fennel essential oil diluted into a carrier oil can aid in fighting skin conditions since it has antifungal properties. It has also been shown to help with healing topical wounds on the skin.


You can add a drop to drinking water to aid in digestion. You can also mix a few drops into a carrier oil such as coconut oil and rub it on your abdomen. This has been known to be great for indigestion as well as calming a nervous stomach.


Fennel essential oil is known for its effectiveness in soothing menstrual cramps!


When inhaled it can also help melt away that nagging sweet tooth!


Fennel also has properties to support you with emotions.  Fennel can help to soothe away anxiety. It also can assist in building confidence and cultivating courage. In Roman times, warriors were said to eat fennel before going to war to increase their strength and courage. Just inhaling the scent either through rubbing a few drops on your hand or adding a few drops to your diffuser can motivate you and be incredibly energizing!  Also, the Romans and Greeks believed that it could ward off evil spirits and improve eyesight


If you have been intrigued by this highly soothing essential oil for the body, mind, and spirit, you can experience fennel in a few of our foot soaks. Our relaxing and grounding Clay Bath, our reviving Hit Refresh and in several of our special off-menu monthly features. We hope you will stop by the shop to try one of these soaks so you can experience the benefits of fennel essential oil.


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