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Talkin’ with the Doc: Quinton Yeldell

At Wake Foot Sanctuary, we get so many curious questions from guests about feet! So, we thought we would go straight to the source to ask some of the most common questions to our Dr. friend, Quinton Yeldell, a podiatrist and founder of Southern Hospitality foot care brand. We have carried the Southern Hospitality brand in our spas for many years and the products have become a staple favorite of our foot soakers. We have done Q & A’s with Quinton before, but we love getting together with him and sharing information for some of the questions we get from our guests!

1. Our feet carry us through each day, literally! How can we better provide care and attention to them in a preventative way?

Q: A great place to start is to simply inspect your feet on a regular basis (You really cannot check them too often). Do you note any changes to your nails? Any lesions? Skin on the top and bottom of your feet? Onset of any discomfort? Familiarize yourself with your feet. The more you know about your feet, the easier it can be to observe changes, and the more proactive you can be to address those concerns.

2. What are the most common skin related issues that people have with their feet that go undetected ?

Q: Something as seemingly harmless as dry feet are often downplayed for its possible severity. Many tend to think of it as more of an issue that’s not pleasing to the eye, but may not realize that issues- such as infection- can result.

3. What, in your experience, is the best treatment(s) for an athlete’s feet? What about nail fungus?

Q: It’s best to take a holistic approach when dealing with Athlete’s Foot. Topical medications- whether over-the-counter or prescribed- are generally effective, but there are at-home steps that you should also take. Do not walk barefoot in public showers and gymnasiums. Instead wear (clean) shower shoes. If you experience excessive sweating, switch out socks minimum two to three times per day. Don’t wear the same shoes on consecutive days, giving them an opportunity to dry out.

The results of treatment for nail fungus can vary wildly. What might be effective for one individual may not be for the other. There are topical creams and ointments that can be applied but are often not effective, due thickened nails and a lack of penetration by the medication. There are oral medications, which can be more effective, but can have adverse effects on the liver.

4. When does someone know it’s time for them to see a podiatrist vs continuing to try over the counter treatment, home remedies, or to treat at home?

Q: With information being so readily available, it can be tempting to try and self-diagnose changes we observe, but hearsay and online information is NOT all created equal. As a general rule, if anything on your feet begins to look or feel abnormal, it is always best to seek a local podiatrist for medical supervision.

5. What were some of the goals that you wanted to achieve with your products when you started Southern Hospitality?

Q: First, I always wanted to emphasize the importance of foot care through Southern Hospitality. In the world of cosmetics, there’s so much attention given to other parts of the body (hair, face, legs, etc), with feet being a complete afterthought. We utilize our feet all day, everyday, but we often don’t consider them until there’s a problem. In creating a line of skincare that is foot-focused, that would drive home that point.
Second, it was vital to make branding a focal point in our message of foot care. Most (foot care) products on the market have very drab branding that’s overly medicinal and therapeutic. Again, when you think of products for other parts of the body, there’s so much attention given to how they’re packaged- literally and figuratively. In many cases the branding takes priority over the product itself. Therefore, I wanted our products to not only work effectively, but also look good doing so. As I like to say: We want to make products that you’ll be proud to display on your nightstand, not hidden in your medicine cabinet!

6. What are some of the properties of your foot soaks and foot soaks in general that make them great for people to do at the Foot Sanctuary or at home?

Q: Foot soaks are great for putting the body and mind in harmony. Various minerals, such as Epsom salt, when combined with warm water, rejuvenates the body. Benefits like muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and tension relief helps get the body back on track. The perfect scent to your foot soak is crucial for an overall enjoyable, therapeutic experience. Scents, such as citrus, are energizing and invigorating. Many herbaceous scents, along with mint and lavender, are soothing and relaxing.

7. Why is foot moisturization such an important part of foot health and skin maintenance?

Q: Routine moisturization of your feet nourishes the skin maintaining its integrity. Dry skin is weak and brittle, increasing the likelihood of tears in the skin (i.e cracked heels). Deeper, more severe tears can lead to open wounds, which open-the-door to infection.

8. Do you have any other pieces of advice for foot health for our readers?

Q: Healthy feet should be a priority, but it is also good to make sure that you’re wearing the proper shoes for your feet. Ill-fitting shoes or shoes that are not sufficient for a particular activity can contribute to short term and (often) long term complications. A few things to keep in mind: 1) Make sure your shoes have a wide enough TOE BOX, to provide proper comfort and spacing for toes. 2) A nice thick SOLE to absorb impact between the ground and your feet. 3) Generally, your shoes should only bend at the ball of your foot. A shoe too flimsy, doesn’t protect the foot enough when active.

ABOUT SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY : Created by a southern podiatrist (Dr. Quinton Yeldell) and his business savvy belle (Krystle Ford), we are an Indianapolis, IN-based natural foot care line that focuses on preventative care-all with a southern charm. We take pride in creating handmade products in small batches using the highest quality of ingredients. Our products are foot-focused but can be appropriate for use over the entire body. We use our feet everyday, but they are often an overlooked part of the body. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing an awareness to the importance of footcare.

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