The Future of Spas in 2022

For a long time, it seemed like the future of many industries was all but sealed in a positive direction — this could certainly be said of the spa industry. According to Businesswire, from 2014 to 2019, the global spa market grew at a CAGR of around 7% each year. However, the future for many of us was thrown into question in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It became much more difficult for most business owners to continue as they normally would. Certainly, businesses that offered non-essential services, particularly those that required close personal contact with others, were in trouble. This included those in the spa industry.

However, two years into the pandemic the American economy is returning quickly. Additionally, Americans are more willing to spend time at a day spa than they once were. Let’s look into the future of spas as of 2022.

How Do People View Spas Today?

While the pandemic presented many challenges for day spa owners, it also created opportunities. When people were able to visit the day spa whenever they liked, they took it for granted. Once they were deprived of these services while being put under great mental and physical stress, they began to take these services more seriously. Massages in particular, among other spa services, became more valued as health and wellness treatments.

The great thing about this change in mindset is that it has created a different approach toward spa treatments. Rather than seeing them as exclusive and unattainable, more and more people in the middle class are prioritizing spa treatments. This means that ultimately, the market is actually growing. While some high-end day spas are still exclusively available to those in a certain financial bracket, many spas have always been financially attainable for the middle class. It’s just more recently that they have been deemed truly worth it.

Are Spas Safe Post-Pandemic?

It’s always possible for the pandemic to take a different turn, and for lockdowns to be put back in place. However, at this point, it is less likely, and vaccines have made it much safer for people to visit spas. Additionally, spas have had time to introduce increased safety measures.

The future for spas in 2022 is bright! Consider making an appointment for yourself today!

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